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Animals Make Us Human: Creating The best Life For Animals by Temple Grandin & Catherine Johnson published by Houghton Mafflin Harcourt in 2009. This book will give you an important knowledge about animals and will teach you how to improve your animal’s life, make your pets happy. An expert, Temple Grandin focuses on emotions, and offers insights into animal behavior.
Temple is a professor of Colorado State University and author of few books. She has spearheaded reform of the quality of life humaneness of death for farm animals. She lectures widely.

Runner by Thomas Perry published by An Otto Penzler Book, Houghton Miffin Harcourt in 2009.
…Jane promised to her husband she would never work again, and settled in to a quiet life as a wife of a surgeon. When bomb goes off on the middle of a hospital fundraiser, she found herself face to face with the cause. A Pregnant woman has been tracked by the team of hired hunters… This exciting thriller is written by a suspense master and must be read.
Award-winning author, Thomas Perry is the author of the Jane Whitefield series, Silence, and Nightlife, Death Benefits, and other titles.



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