Hachette Book Group USA

Hachette Book Group USA

Hachette Book Group USA (HBG) was created when Hachette Livre, a French publishing company, acquired Time Warner Book Group from Time Warner in 2006. Hachette Livre is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lagardère, a company that is active on a worldwide basis in the areas of communications and media (books, press, audiovisual and distribution/retailing of cultural products). HBG is comprised of the following publishing divisions:
Grand Central Publishing
Business Plus
Springboard Press
Wellness Central
Center Street
Little, Brown and Company
Back Bay Books
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
LB Kids

Yen Press
Hachette Book Group Digital Media
Hachette Audio

In one year, HBG publishes approximately 450 adult books, 150 young adult and children's books, and 60 audio book titles.

In 2006, the company had a record 71 books on the New York Times bestseller list, with 17 of them ranked #1.

In addition to selling and distributing its own imprints, HBG distributes publishing lines for Chronicle, Microsoft Press, Arcade, Time Inc. Home Entertainment, Harry N. Abrams, Innovative Kids, Phaidon, Gildan Audio and Hyperion AudioBooks.
In 1996, the company opened a 500,000 square foot, state-of-the-art warehouse in Lebanon, Indiana. Since that time, this distribution complex has grown to over 900,000 square feet and moves over 90 million books annually.
HBG has offices in many locations:
New York, NY:
HBG main publishing office houses administrative services, advertising & promotion, art, contracts, digital media, editorial, executive administration, finance, human resources, information technology, international sales, inventory control and operations, legal, managing editorial, manufacturing & production, online marketing, publicity, sales & marketing, special markets, and subsidiary rights.

Introducing selected titles:

Running From Home: A Memoir by Rita B. Ross published by Hamilton Books in 2008. This book is the story about loss of home, suffering from cold and hunger that left a mark upon Rita’s mind. She eventually escaped from Nazis and came to America, she never felt at home but is always outsider… Rita B. Ross was born in Austria. When Hitler’s troops stormed Austria, she was a child hiding her Jewish identity. Then, in 1945, she came to America. Now, she is a lecturer on her Holocaust experiences and the need foe tolerance.

God: Obituary by Peter Heinegg published by Hamilton Books in 2009. This title is an analytical-satirical view of monotheism in our time. “God is a creature of fantasy and, as such, “he” has been wiped out by our knowledge of reality. But any creature of fantasy can be resurrected and kept alive by gullible imaginations,” author writes. Peter Heinegg suggests that believers of all stripes are wrong, and they need to be called out on it. This is what this book was written for. Peter Heinegg, PhD in comparative literature from Harvard University, a professor of English at Union College in Schenectady, New York. He is a former Jesuit seminarian, who published essays and reviews on religion.

Career Comeback: Repackage Yourself to Get the Job You Want by Lisa Johnson Mandell published by Springboard Press in 2010. She not only looked old on paper, she was old… Getting older can be a career killer. An entertainment journalist Lisa Johnson Mandell discovered that looking old on paper such as resume make her look like an aged veteran. In this book, Mandell provides ten strategies that will make you get what you want. She shares her secrets how start and improve website, your wardrobe, and much more. Award-winning journalist and film critic, Liza has appeared on Today, The Early Show, Dr. Phil, Inside Edition, Rachel Ray, Fox News, and other shows. She is an author and coauthor, her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, Mademoiselle, New York Times, and Forbes.

In Cheap We Trust by Lauren Weber published by Little, Brown and Company in 2009. Cheap is a dirty word with negative association. When we hear this word we think ‘miser’, ‘*****,’ ‘Wal-Mart,’ ‘Made in China‘… It’s insult. This book is about reconsideration of cheapness. The author asks why we malign and make fun of people who save money. In Cheap We Trust offers a ride through the history of frugality in the United States; the reader will learn about the stereotyping of Jewish and Chinese immigrants as cheap, the stories behind Ben Franklin and his famous maxims, Hetty Green… Author Lauren Weber has written for different publications including the New York Times and was a staff reporter at Reuters and Newsday. She lives in New York.

h2oBook H2O by Howard Schatz published in 2007 by Hachette Books Group USA. Working with graceful dancers, performers, models, photographer H. Schatz has found an inspiration underwater. Athletic and mysterious, the figures in Schatz's work transfer the pool into art studio. This glamorous and aesthetically inspiring Schartz's book is the result of a collaboration with Beverly Ornstein, the award-winning producer, his wife and business partner.


One of the book published by Hachette Book Group - Grand Central Publishing - is Grace After Midnight by Felicia Pearson & David Ritz.
"I was born in Baltimore twenty-seven years ago, and then I died - twice. I died both times because my mother was filled with drugs and so was I." Felicia Pearson writes. "Crack babies are messed-up babies..." Snoop raised in a foster home. She proved that she was as tough as the streets. She thrived as a baby gangsta, until she landed in Jessup State Penitentiary for killing some woman in self-defense. There Snoop rebelled against the system... Eventually she turned her life around. This title tells that kids on the streets "can get over without killing people and selling packs..." This book first published in 2007, when Felicia Pearson was shooting two feature movies. She still lives in Baltimore.

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