Grace Church In New York

Grace Church in New York located at 802 Broadway, NY 10003.

Grace Church is a Gothic revival masterpiece designed by James Renwick, Jr.

In 1843 the land under the current Grace Church was purchased from Henry Brevoort.
The 23 year old architect James Renwick, Jr. (a nephew of Henry Brevoort) whose sole completed work at the time was the Bowling Green Fountain, was commissioned as the architect.
A few later works by James Renwick include St. Patrick¹s Cathedral, the Smithsonian Institution castle,St Ann¹s Church in Brooklyn. It is a National Historic Landmark designated for its architectural significance and place within the history of New York City.

The cornerstone for the new church was laid in 1843.
Grace Church was consecrated in 1846. Vestry minutes from January of that year breakdown some of the expenses for building a new church-including items ranging from the cost of the workers from the State Prison who cut the stone to the cost of the embroidery for the altar cloth.
Grace Church was designed in the Gothic Revival style, and despite the wood, plaster and lathe construction-as opposed to the stone construction of medieval Gothic cathedrals.


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