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Nebuchadnezzar's Dreamor The End of a Medieval Catholic Church, Gorgias PressNebuchadnezzar’s Dream or The End of a Medieval Catholic Church by Roger Lenaers published by Gorgias Press in 2007. The author Roger Lenaers, because of personal interest and pastoral needs has tried to keep track of the developments within Christian doctrine and within modern thought and sensitivity for almost 50 years. This book is an effort to translate the one and perennial faith in Jesus Christ and his God in the language of today. Faithfulness to God’s offer of salvation demands that we should tale leave of the images and representations with which we felt at home in the past. Intention of this book is: the Church needs a radical reform, which should touch upon all aspects to tune in to modern humanity.

Meccan Trade and the Rise of Islam, Gorgias PressMeccan Trade and the Rise of Islam by Patricia Crone published by Gorgias Press in 2004. Mecca at the time of the Propher was the centre of a far-flung trading empire, which plays a role of some importance in all orthodox accounts of the rise of Islam. The groundwork on the subject of Meccan trade was done by Lammens, whose conclusions would nonetheless appear to have been accepted by Watt. Krister’s work is apparently held to corroborate the picture drawn up by Lammens. In this book, Patricia Crone reassesses one of the most widely accepted dogmas in contemporary accounts of the beginning of Islam, the supposition that Mecca was a trading center thriving on the export of aromatic spices to the Mediterranean. The author reexamines the evidence for the religious status of pre-Islamic Mecca and seeks to elucidate the nature of the sources to build the picture of the birth of the new religion in Arabia. Patricia Crone is an author and professor of Islamic history at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.


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