George Eastman

George Eastman was born 12 July 1854, died 14 March 1932.
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Up to the time of Eastman photography, though already popular, was still considered too complicated for ordinary users, & George Eastman is remembered for having made photography accessible to all.

G. Eastman started off as a bank clerk.

Then became interested in photography. He is particularly remembered for introducing flexible film in 1884. 4 years later he introduced the box camera incorporating roll film, & with his slogan "You press the button, we do the rest" he brought photography to the masses. The box camera had a simple lens focusing on 8 feet & beyond. One roll of film took a hundred images, all circular in shape. The entire camera would be posted to the factory where the film was processed & the camera re-loaded & returned to the user, the charge for this being £2.2s (£2.10). The photographs were of about 65mm diameter, & opened up a new world for popular photography.
George Eastman's contribution not only made photography available to all, but also resulted in a gradual change in what constituted acceptable photography. Paul Martin, who worked with a large portable camera, had found it difficult to get his informal pictures accepted at exhibitions. To have pictures accepted, he complained, one would need to take "... a noble & dignified subject, a cathedral or mountain..."and that "few envisaged the popular snapshot until the coming of the hand camera & the Kodak." From the age of 76 onwards, G. Eastman was becoming increasingly ill. Having settled his affairs, he took his own life. Next to his body was a note which said simply "To my friends, my work is done - why wait?" To get more info you can visit the Kodak Museum at the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television in Bradford. It houses a huge collection of interesting images, objects connected with popular photography.
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