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Gareth Stevens Publishing is one of the world’s most respected library publishers.

Gareth Stevens Publishing brings together three strong brands — all first names in education — from a single publisher and under a single cover. You can find something for every age group.

The premier line of nonfiction products for grades Pre K–3 helps your youngest students discover their world with leveled & high-interest books in English, Spanish and Bilingual editions that are proven effective for building early learning & literacy skills within core curriculum. From the new I Know Opposites to Find Out About Food, Weekly Reader books provide the solid foundation children need to learn and grow.

Gareth Stevens is the first name in library publishing is also the first name in nonfiction for grades 3–8. Look to Gareth Stevens for nonfiction series in such core curriculum areas as reading, language arts, social studies, math, and science. From the always popular Today’s Superstars: Entertainment to the new Energy for the Future and Global Warming, Gareth Stevens books cover subjects students want & need to know more about.

Gareth Stevens Publishing is a division of the Weekly Reader Publishing Group, which is now part of the Reader’s Digest Association, Inc.

Gareth Stevens Publishing - NeoPopRealism JournalGareth Stevens Publishing - NeoPopRealism JournalThe North American Editions Monster Movers & Racing Cars by Richard Gunn first published by Gareth Stevens Publishing in 2007. Fully illustrated, these books take reader on a ride into the world of high-tech, fast racing cars & enormous machines. These titles contains beautiful illustrations of the featured vehicles in all details, additionally to fascinating text that explain these machines. These books are part of the Cool Wheels series.
Monster Movers features the following vehicles: Robbins Tunnel-Bring machine, Caterpillar D10 Bulldozer, Komatsu D375A-2 Bulldozer, Bucyrus-Erie 1550 Walking Gracline & other...
Racing Cars is a guide to such sports cars as Bugatti Type 35, Jaguar D-Type, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ford GT 40, Subaru Impreza Rally Car & more...

Gareth Stevens Publishing - NeoPopRealism JournaltractorsThis North American Edition - Power Tractors by Michael Williams & High-Speed Superbikes by Alan Dowds (Cool Wheels series) also first published by Gareth Stevens in 2007. Power Tractors explores the vehicles that till the soil, pull farm tools, harvest crops... Beautifully illustrated, this title is the source to information about such machines as Jone Deere Model D, Allis-Chalmers Model U, Versatile 56 BI-DI, Caterpillar Challenger 65, Fendt Vario 926, Case IH Magnum 285, & other. High-Speed Superbikes contains the most glamorous bikes used on race track & on the road. This title is fully illustrated by color photographs & features such bikes as Kawasaki GPZ900R, Honda CBR900RR Fireblade, Ducati 916, MV Agusta F4 750, & other.

Gareth Stevens Publishing - NeoPopRealism JournalGareth Stevens Publishing - NeoPopRealism Journal

This North American Edition of series Aircrafts of the World first published by Gareth Stevens in 2007. Titles Record Breakers & Civil Aircraft by Jim Winchester will take a reader on a journey into a world of the most bizarre, dependable & famous aircrafts. This fascinating titles are fully illustrated with color photographs & text with facts about the planes, stories about pilots & their exploits.
Record Breakers highlights the plane used to make the first, fastest, farthest & highest flights. Civil Aircraft describes classic aviation workhorses, the world's 1st supersonic luxury aircraft.

Gareth Stevens Publishing - NeoPopRealism JournalGareth Stevens Publishing - NeoPopRealism JournalTitles Helicopters &Wierd and Wonderful Aircraft by Paul Eden also published by Gareth Stevens in 2007.
Wierd and Wonderful Aircraft highlights a variety of experimental aircrafts with movable wings, round wings, or no wings... Fully illustrated with photographs & drawings, this book focuses on the features that make each plane special...
Title Helicopters describes resque helicopters, medical emergency helicopters, emergency helicopters & shows theirs special features...

Gareth Stevens Publishing - NeoPopRealism JournalGareth Stevens Publishing - NeoPopRealism JournalThe Story Of Ferrari & The story Of Rolls Royce by Jim Mezzanotte - Classic Cars series - first published by Gareth Stevens Publishing, a WRC Media Company in 2005.
Imagination Library books focuses on fascinating subject - supercars. Fully illustrated, stunning, with easy-to-understand text, these titles expand young readers understanding of the world...
The Story Of Ferrari features such models as Ferari F50 (1995), Ferari Barchetta (1949), GTO (1962), V-12 (1970) & other.
The story Of Rolls Royce features Rolls Royce Phantom (1925), 1907 Silver Ghost, 1924 Silver Ghost Speedster, 1936 Phantom, Rolls-Royce1928, & other.

Gareth Stevens Publishing - NeoPopRealism Journal

Auto Racing by Tony Norman - Action Sports series - first published by Gareth Stevens Publishing in 2006.
It is book about NASCAR, FORMULA 1, about one of the worst ever NASCAR crashes, about cars & drivers... Readers will enter the world of extreme sports & discover the background, skills, equipment required by daredevils of all ages.
Bright illustrations, great text, true stories will hold reader's interest as he explores the wonderful world of fast cars...

Catherine The Great by Christine Hatt first published by the World Almanac/Gareth Stevens Publishing in 2004.
Judge For Yourself series, this title is greatly illustrated with color & black-and-white art works. It is the book about Catherine The Great, who was one of the most influential leaders in Russia's history. This book focuses at issues with which she dealt during her rule. This title examines evidences from opposing perspectives as to whether she accomplished her goals...

Elvis Presley by Adele Q. Brown first published by World Almanac/Gareth Stevens Publishing in 2003.
Elvis Presley was one of the most influential singers of Rock'n'Roll. Often called "The King of Rock'n'Roll or just "The King," he lit the world of popular music on fire. Fully illustrated with engaging prose, this title helps reader understand how Elvis combined different styles of music to create a new sound... & how sales of Elvis's music break American industry records....


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