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In 2011 Focal Press celebrated 70-year anniversary. A leading publisher of Media Technology books, Focal Press provides essential resources for professionals and students in many areas including: film and digital video production, photography, digital imaging, graphics, animation and new media, broadcast and media distribution technologies, music recording and production, mass communications, and theatre technology. Focal Press is committed to publishing high quality books filled with practical hands-on information, dealing with cutting-edge and converging technologies from the experts in the field. You will find practical solutions to problems, examples you can apply to your work, and valuable insights that will help you keep up-to-date in these highly competitive fields. The Press delivers to its reader the techniques that have proved successful for professionals, and inspire to go further.
Focal Press motto: learn, master, create.

Introducing selected titles:

Light and Shoot 50 Fashion PhotosLight & Shoot: 50 Fashion Photos by Chris Gatcum published by Focal Press in 2011. Photography is all about light. This is the inspirational and practical guide to shooting fashion in a wide range of settings and styles, with emphasis on the use of lighting, rather than digital processing, to create a specific feel and look. The fashion genres of photography is arguably the most challenging and competitive. Also, fashion is the subject that most students want to specialize in. The photography constantly evolving and redefining itself. It inherently more open to personal expression and experimentation than many other genres. Some of the images in this fully-illustrated book you will love more, some maybe less, but all these images have a "spark", something inspirational. This book offers you the techniques that you can use to create your shots. Chris Gatcum is the author. For many years works as a photographer, journalist, book editor.

Exploring Color Photography Fifth Edition: From Film to PixelsExploring Color Photography: From Film To Pixels by Robert Hirsch with Greg Erf published by Focal Press in 2011. Color photography continues to evolve as a permutable and flexible amalgamation of culture and aesthetics, psychology and science. This bookprovides a stimulating introduction to the approaches, techniques, images, and history of color photography. The resources presented are based on experience. In this account chapter ordering has been revised to encompass the latest photographic trends, with digital imaging giving priority over analog methods. Exploring Color Photography features technical instruction, conceptual and pioneering aesthetics; a multi-dimensional approach to image-making that combines digital and analog system; innovative and diverse images by 250 international artists, professionals, teachers, and students; a full-color pullout timeline of vital color photography and historical events, and more. Robert Hirsch is the author and former editor. He is an image-maker and Director of Light Research. Greg Erf is the author and is an accomplished image-maker who has exhibited through the United States. His work included in the collections of Albuquerque and Santa Fe Museums of Fine Arts and other collections.

Real Retouching: A Professional Step-by-Step GuideReal Retouching: A Professional Step-by-Step Guide by Carrie Beene published by Focal Press in 2011. From the glossy pages of a magazine to the large images on a billboard in the sky, image retouching has become a key component of today's digital photography. Excellent retouching skills, that are widely accepted, are crucial to finding success in the field of digital imaging. This this fully illustrated book, Carrie Beene shares her techniques she has learned and developed over the many years. And these techniques will help you navigate the world of image retouching. Carrie encourages you to try different methods and experiment. She thinks that nothing good comes easy. With this title, you will learn how to completely retouch the beauty, remove her from the background; how to drop the beauty into a new background and make it pop, and much more. Carrie Beene is teaches in the MPS Digital Photography Department at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She is also speaker and trainer..

Langford's Advanced Photography, Eighth Edition: The guide for Aspiring Photographers (The Langford Series)Langford’s Advanced Photography: The Guide for Aspiring Photographers (8th Ed) by Michael Langford & Efthimia Bilissi published by Focal Press in 2011. This new 8th edition covers a wide range of topics from, including the photographic equipment and processes, image manipulation, archiving and storage of both silver halide and digital images. In most cases the chapters have been designed to be read independently, not necessarily the sequence they were written. Covering all the basics of equipment with beautiful illustrations, you will learn how lenses and sensors behave and which one is right for you and your needs. Information working with different subjects and on lighting choices, on tone control and will show you how to give your photos the professional edge. This book challenges photographer with a section on extending traditional photography. It completed with sections on reproduction, archiving and business practice. This important companion combines an unrivalled level of technical detail with a straightforward writing style, it covers new digital technologies and methodologies, from digital asset management and working in the photography industry to HDR imaging. It is the guide to photography at advanced level for the serious amateur, student and training professional. Michael Langford is the author, who taught thousands as Photography Course Director at the Royal College of Art, London, UK. Dr. Efthimia Bilissi is a Senior Lecturer in Imaging Science at the University of Westminster,

Light: Science & Magic, Focal PressLight: Science & Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting by Fil hunter, Steven Biver, and Paul Fuqua published by Focal Press in 2011. Styles of photographic lighting changing. This new edition of the book is based on the behavior of light, and its principles that will not change because the fundamental physics does not. Light: Science & Magic is book to deal adequately with how light behaves when it reflects from a surface and how the material making the subject determines the appearance of this reflection. This important understanding is not intended to enable photographer to shoot good pictures like those in this book but rather to transfer those images to any subject matter, using any equipment. The award-winning photographer, Fil Hunter has worked for U.S. News & World Report, Time Life Books, National Geographic. The award-winning commercial photographer, Steven Bivers client list includes DuPont, IBM, Mobil and more. Paul Fuqua is an author, who traveled on a business mission all over the globe.

The Photoshop Darkroom, Focal PressThe Photoshop Darkroom: Creative Digital Post-Processing by Harold Davis and Phyllis Davis published by Focal Press in 2011. A digital photographer has many opportunities that should not be missed - the opportunities that come after the photo is taken. And it is the power of the new medium. The goal of this account is to provide a framework of fundamental techniques to enrich the creative work. Just like the enlarger and chemicals in an old-fashion darkroom, Photoshop is a tool. With this book reader will learn how to work with RAW image files; will understand the Photoshop darkroom workflow and multi-process Raw files; will extend the dynamic range of his photographs; will llearn to create High Dynamic Range images by hand, and much more. This title offers limitless possibilities for photographers llooking for amazing results. Harold Davis is an author and award-winning photographer. Phyllis Davis is an author, well known for her ability to explain complex in simple and visual steps.

The Photoshop Darkroom 2, FocalThe Photoshop Darkroom 2: Creative Digital Transformations by Harold Davis and Philis Davis published by Focal Press in 2011. For the most part techniques shown in this book can be done using the core features of Photoshop. In film darkroom, the recipes for developers changed, but the underlying idea of how to develop film and paper stayed the same. The goal of the book is to inspire you with techniques to try. The emphasis in this title is on creative transformations. This involve a wide range of image creation challenges from cleanng up an image to creating entirely new fantastic digital images. With this book you will learn thow to take advantage of the possibilities available in RAW image files; use Adobe Lightroom to multi-RAW process your photo; correct flaws and improve the tonality of your images; improve and enhance portraits and glamour shots; extend the dynamic range of your photos; create high dynamic range images by hand, and much more. Harold Davis is an author and award-winning photographer. Phyllis Davis is an author, well known for her ability to explain complex in simple and visual steps.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 for Photographers, Focal PressAdobe Photoshop Elements 9 For Photographers: The creative Use of Photoshop Elements On Mac and PC by Philip Andrews published by Focal Press in 2010. In this greatly-illustrated book, Philip Andrrews uses a very simple and easy-to-understand style to explaine the basic functionalities. Then, he moves onto the more advanced techniques. The illustrations and picturesare completed by the video tutorials and resources download section of the associated website. He offers many general digital imaging concepts and expert’s tips which make package extremely contextual with respect to current imaging technology. Philip Andrews is an author, editor, and online course creator.
He is Adobe Australia’s official Photoshop and Elements Ambassador.



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