Finishing Line Press

Introducing selected titles:

Something Must Happen, Finishing Line PressSomething Must Happen by Ned Bablo published by Finishing Line Press in 2009. This book of poetry is engaging and impresses by its intelligence which is exceptional and shining. Author delving into historical and personal subjects matter, he creates memorable poems, revealing his experiences and thoughts which reflect his own personality. Ned Balbo is the Award-winning author. He lives in Baltimore.

Kandinsky and the Stars, Finishing Line PressKandinsky and the Stars
by Madalon O’Rawe Ameta published by Finishing Line Press in 2010. Amenta, who was raised and educated in Boston has lived in New York City, Connecticut, Washington DC, PA/USA, and also in Italy and UK. Rich of experiences she wrote a book which is brave and with sense of humor. She guides the reader through the ordinary life, lived fully. She write about coking and medical procedure, neighbor’s house and girl’s run for the bus… Award winning author, Ameta wrote over 80 clinical and academic articles, manuals, newsletters… Her work appeared in many publications, including Parent’s magazine, Stories about Time and other.



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