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Facts on Demand Press, an imprint of BRB.
Facts on Demand specializes in Internet related reference and research publications. They combine their skills in data retrieval, data management and publishing to produce books that are up-to-date, accurate and reasonably priced.
Facts On Demand Press currently produce two series: Online Ease Series contains five titles that are considered consultants on the shelf for individuals interested in Internet research, competitive intelligence, and public record research. The Incredible Internet Guides are desktop companions to search engines. Over 1,500 of the best sites on a favorite topic are profile and categorized. You can go directly to the information you need quickly and easily. The principals and editors of Facts on Demand Press have extensive experience in the information retrieval industry and have been honored by the Information Industry Association with a Best Product in Print award.

Introducing selected titles:

The Criminal Recordds Manual, Facts On DemandThe Criminal Records Manual: Criminal Records in America: A Complete Guide to Legal, Ethical, and Public Policy Issues and Restrictions (3rd Edition) by Henry and Hinton published by Facts On Demand Press in 2008. This book’s mission is to benefit the public, employers, pre-employment screening companies, and criminal record vendors. This title will help the small employer who cannot change the world, but who is using criminal records in the hiring process and is ordering criminal records in an effort to insure that other employees and the general public are not exposed to someone who would do them harm. This employer’s legal handbook shows employers how to comply with the latest workplace laws and regulations, and avoid lawsuits associated with using criminal records for background screening. Derek Hinton has over 20 years experience in the field of employment screening and criminal records. He is CEO of TIES, LLC. Larry Henry is a practicing attorney specializing in employment law. He served on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Professional Background Screeners and is a frequent speaker on FCRA issues.

The Safe Hiring Audit, Facts on DemandThe Safe Hiring Audit: The Employer’s Guide To Implementing A Safe Hiring Program by Lester S. Rosen, Esq with Michael Sankey published by Facts On Demand Press in 2008. A bad-hiring decision can result in loss of business and damage to a professional reputation that may been years in the making. The following statistics are circulating by ADP from a 2003 Hiring Index Study compiled by its employment screening division -- 30% of all business failures are due to employee theft and related forms of dishonesty; the direct and indirect average cost of employee turnover is equal to 150% of the annual salary; 51% of all resumes, applications, and reference provided by applicants contain inaccurate information. This book will teach you how to minimize your negligent hiring risks; and improve a company’s hiring procedures. You will find out how to assess all company procedures in the hiring process; establish legally defensible practices for dealing with potentially problematic applicants. This title is the guide for employers, business owners, HR professionals, hiring managers and security professionals - anyone with hiring responsibilities. Lester Rosen, Esq. is an attorney and fonder of Employment Screening Resources a nationwide pre-employment background screening firm. Michael Sankey is the founder and CEO of BRB Publications, Inc.

The Manual to Online Public Records, Facts on DemandThe Manual to Online Public Records: The Researcher‘s Tool to Online Resources of Public Records and Public Information (Replaces Public Records Online 6th Edition) by Sankey & Hetherington published by Facts On Demand Press in 2008. This title will assist you in how and where to search for public records and public information. The first four chapters will lead you to many diverse and accurate sources of records, they dissect many facets and techniques about searching. Chapter 5 presents state-by-state and examines what is available online. Each state section gives information about State Public Record Agencies; State Occupational Licensing and Regulatory Boards; Courts; Other Local or County Agencies. This master guide to Researching Public Records and Public Information Online will give you all information you need to know about research., including tip from the leading industry experts. Michael Sankey is the founder and CEO of BRB Publications, Inc., the nation’s leading publisher of public record research publications. Cynthia Hetherington is a Managing Director for Aon Consulting’s Corporate Investigative and Security Services Practice and renowned for training professionals the art of locating information online.

The Business Background Investigation, Facts On DemandsBusiness Background Investigations: Tools and Techniques for Solution Driven Due Diligence by Hetherington published by Facts On Demand Press in 2007. This title is applicable to all professionals who are involved in investigations, helping them and their clients, attorneys, security practitioners, and insurance and risk managers. The learning the tactics to research businesses will help in solving investigations. This book will give you the insight and education to perform quality business investigations. The readers will learn analysis techniques, how to solve research challenges. You will be introduced to hundreds of Web sites and online resources. This informative book provides the blueprint to perform proper due diligence and discover competitive intelligence when examining the backgrounds of businesses and the principals who run them. This essential guide will teach you how to become an accomplished researcher; perform investigative SWOT, CARA, and Value Chain Analysis; investigate the backgrounds of corporate officers, partners, vendors, and customers, and much more. Cynthia Hetherington has more than 15 years of experience in research, investigation and corporate intelligence. Now, she is a Managing Director for Aon Consulting Corporate Investigative and Security Services Practice.


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