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Eastgate creates new hypertext technologies and publishes serious hypertext, fiction and non-fiction: serious, interactive writing.
Introducing selected titles:

Reading Hypertext, EastgateReading Hypertext edited by Mark Bernstein and Diane Greco and published by Eastgate Systems, Inc. in 2009.
In hypertext research, it might encourage further development of a thread that still seems neglected: descriptive and ethnographic studies of user populations, especially in contexts that include production as well as reception. Present studies of usability in electronic text tend to fragment across various theoretical approaches and thus do not offer a broad picture. Putting forth hypertext as a basic foundation for literacy would take our community into a domain where it has almost never gone before. But where others have been preparing the ground for many years. Many notable figures in writing pedagogy and technical communication are well acquainted with hypertext research or are expanding the study of literacy in ways that bear substantially. This book included contributions about hypertext from Mark Bernstein, Diane Greco, Charles A. Perfetti, Jill Walker, N.J. Lowe, J. Yellowlees Douglas, George P. Landow, Susana Pajares Tosca, Adrian Miles, Michael Joyce, Dave Ciccoricco, David Kolb, Catherine C. Marshall, and Stuart Moulthrop. The readers will find out the contributors’ thoughts about the cinematic paradigms for hypertext, lyrical quality of links, hypertext structure, hypertext teaching, hypertext with consequences, and much more. Mark Bernstein is a chief scientist at Eastgage Systems, Inc. He is the designer of Tinderbox, a tool for making, analyzing, and sharing notes. Diane Greco is a writer and historian, she worked for many years as an editor at Eastgage Systems, Inc. Diane lives in RI.

The TinderBox Way, EastgateThe Tinderbox Way by Mark Bernstein published by Eastgate Systems in 2006. Tinderbox is a software tool for making, analyzing, and sharing notes. It is a personal content management assistant. The notes impact on your effectiveness and accomplishments can be tremendous. Hundreds of small decisions we make every day. Sometimes a film or party can change people’s lives. But how many people have heard about the film that might have been, for them, that crucial film? Often we fail to find the time to see a film. Our choices are important and personal. This book assumes that you are generally familiar with the elements of Tinderbox. If you are new to this program, it may help if you explore the program a little. This title was written during development of Tinderbox for Macintosh version 2 and 3 and Tinderbox for Windows 1.0. The scenarios and examples in this book are based on real cases.



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