December 13, Birthday Astrology

[Nadia Russ, NYC, July 2014, NeoPopRealism creatorPage added because Nadia Russ was born December 13]

Eccentricity marks the personality of a Sagittariusborn on December 13 . They see risks as signposts to challenges. They have enormous confidence yet can admit when they are wrong. When it comes to leadership ability, they are second to none, though that role seldom appeals to their sense of fun.

Friends and Lovers.Even though these fun-loving individuals love having people around them, they aren't big on making close friends. They feel that familiarity often breeds contempt. They are honest in their relationships and never try to manipulate. If they are unhappy with a relationship they say so -- and move on without guilt.
Children and Family.Because of their unconventional ideas, December 13 individuals don't always get on well with family members. But true to their broad-minded nature, they never disparage others. Their liberal views don't change when they have children. They want their youngsters to experience life on their own terms.


Anything goes regarding health maintenance for these quirky people. Nutrition is a source of endless change and challenge. They have probably tried every diet on the market. Yet they do have an interest in good nutrition.

Career and Finances

December 13 natives excel in technology-oriented careers. They are amazing in their handling of money. They are the original entrepreneurs. It's not uncommon for them to market an idea, make a fortune, then lose it in another risky enterprise.

Dreams and Goals

December 13 people want to have it all and do it all and don't mind if they have to suffer the consequences. They value experience -- not the weighty kind -- but the in-the-moment variety. They are powered by ideas -- their mind is in a constant state of flux.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books. She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope.

No More Nazis, NeoPopRealism, Ink Pen Pattern Drawing, 2014, July 26
Drawing by Nadia Russ, 2014, Ink/paper, 8"x8"


PS Nadia Russ believes in a self-made magic. Everything else is submissiveness to somebody else's power of mind and takes away freedoms.

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