David Copperfield

David Copperfield - NeoPopRealism JournalDavid Copperfield born 16 September, 1956. Birthplace is Metuchen, New Jersey. Best known as the magician who made the Statue of Liberty disappear. His name at birth: David Seth Kotkin.
A member of the exclusive club of world-famous magicians, David Copperfield is known for staging whopper illusions, including making the Statue of Liberty disappear before a live audience & millions of TV viewers. A member of the Society of American Magicians since he was a teenager, David Copperfield got his start in the entertainment industry singing & performing magic on stage in Chicago. When he was 19 years old he was tapped to host a TV show. From there his career took off. His Emmy-winning television specials have been popular events since the late 1970s. Copperfield has pulled off some amazing stunts over the years, including levitating across the Grand Canyon & walking through the Great Wall of China. In addition to performing worldwide, he has had a hit on Broadway (1997's Dreams and Nightmares), founded an organization to help rehabilitate disabled people (Project Magic), published books (Beyond Imagination and David Copperfield's Tales of the Impossible) and dated a supermodel (Claudia Schiffer, 1994-99).




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