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David Beckman - NeoPopRealism JournalDavid Beckman is the greatest soccer player of all time.

He is one of the world’s most influential men in terms of fashion &

David Beckham has proven himself to be one of the few modern icons capable of maintaining their innate level-headedness & humble disposition in the face of superstardom. A fact epitomized in his response to being selected for the Top 49, “I would like to thank AskMen.com’s readers for their support. It’s an honour to be amongst such great company.”

On the pitch, Beckham was the captain of the English national team from 2000 to 2006.

He set a few monumental records by being the only Englishman to score in 3 different World Cups, & being the 5th player in World Cup history to score twice from direct free kicks.

On a club level, Beckham made his mark with Manchester United, leading them to the coveted Treble in 1999 - winning the English Premier League, the FA Cup & the Champions League.

Aside from his wildly successful football career, Beckham’s celebrity status skyrocketed even higher after his 1999 marriage to Victoria Adams
(Spice Girls).

Despite being under constant media scrutiny, the couple has managed to maintain a closely knit, greatly admired family unit for themselves & their 3 young children.

David Beckham had great instincts on the soccer pitch & with his new fragrance line - appropriately named David Beckham Instinct - it's probable that his business instincts'll prove to be just as successful.

On the humanitarian front, Beckham has involved himself with a plethora of good causes. Most of his charity work's done with UNICEF (for which he's a Goodwill Ambassador). He personally got involved in packing educational & medical supplies for children affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in Asia.

Beckham has also created The David Beckham Academy, a soccer school striving to improve the skills of kids aspiring to be professional soccer players. Located in the U.S., the Academy encompasses learning classrooms, training facilities & uses the latest technologies to provide a fun, learning environment for children.

Beckham has now retired as captain of the English team & is no longer a part of the national squad, but he still plays club soccer in Spain with Real Madrid.

Although he's in the waning stages of his amazing soccer career, there is still speculation that many clubs may vie for his services after his current contract expires. There have been rumors about Major League Soccer clubs making a bid for him in an attempt to revive the American league, but for now it is simply conjecture.

As for life after his football career, David has ruled out the possibility of being a manager for England (a route many might have expected him to follow) opting to devote his time & effort to his charity work & his family

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