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God's Final Victory, ContinuumGod’s Final Victory: A Comprehensive Philosophical Case for Universalismby John Kronen and Eric Reitan published by Continuum in 2011. Many theists believe that some sins call not only for divine displeasure or judgment, but for retribution, punishment imposed by God as a just and proportionate penalty for sin. There’s the doctrine that the wicked suffer eternal torment. Authors’ aim in this book is to critique not only the intuitions underlying Berger’s views, but any soteriology which holds that some rational creatures will be forever separated from God. Their aim is to systematically challenge the doctrine of eternal hell in any form and to show that, granted certain core Christian principles, no form of DH (eternal hell) is as plausible as some form of DU (universal salvation). Because authors use traditional Christian starting points, some may think this is more a work of theology than philosophy. Nevertheless, John Kronen and Eric Reitan regard this project as ultimately philosophical because their primary objective is to show that a Christian belief system that includes DU is more rationally coherent than one that includes DH. This book is best classified as a work of Christian philosophical theology. Authors also show that even apart distinctively Christian arguments, a powerful comparative case for DU can be made on the basis of premises that are widely shared among theistic fait traditions. An argument does not thereby rule out the belief that universal salvation is achieved through the Incarnation of Christ and His atoning work. Many contemporary Christian thinkers who embrace DH also hold that all will be given an adequate revelation of Christ, at least at death, if not before it. This book presents scholarly monographs offering cutting-edge research and debate. John Kronen is Professor of Philosophy at the University of St. Thomas, USA. Eric Reitan is Professor of Philosophy at Oklahoma State University, USA and author.



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