Conran Octopus

Octopus is a leading publisher of illustrated books. Company is comprised of nine imprints, and as a group have extensive experience of working with high profile authors, trusted partners and associations to produce exciting, market leading books.
Company imprints each have their own identity and all publish highly successful titles of outstanding quality and content…

Conran Octopus was founded by Sir Terence Conran and Paul Hamlyn to publish cutting-edge books of the very highest quality in both content and design, and today the core philosophy remains unchanged.
Introducing selected titles:

Woman as Design, Conran OctopusWoman as Design: Before, Behind, Between, Above, Below by Stephen Bayley published by Conran Octopus in 2009. How can something so familiar equally also be so strange? How can the very same components respond to the vast, inexorable mechanics of reproduction, but also speak to the cultured subtleties and infinite varieties of erotic love?.. Author of this book wanted to understand just a bit more about the woman’s body and he started musing about how the female body evolved. This deluxe, fully illustrated title is a completely original reappraisal of that most familiar yet mysterious, of things, the female body. It is a fascinating mix of design and erotica, cultural history and fashion, fetishism and observation. Stephen Bayley is one of the world’s best-known authorities on design and popular culture. A curator and an academic consultant, he is an outspoken commentator on all aspects of art in everyday life. He is architecture and design correspondent of The Observer and contributes to GQ, Car and Los Angeles Times, and many other publications

Eco House Book, Coran OctopusEco House Book by Terence Conran published by Conran Octopus in 2009. This is Conran’s fifth House Bbook. He has touched on environmental issues before, here he is looking at everything to do with the home - design, servicing, decorating and furnishing from the eco point of view. Buildings are the biggest polluters on the planet, responsible for a far greater proportion of the carbon dioxide emissions that get pumped into the atmosphere every year than cars, factories, or planes. There is a great deal we can do to convert our existing homes into greener and healthier places to live. Now, there is an appetite for a return to a slower and more satisfying way of living. This book is designed to provide the answers: How much carbon will you save if you insulate your home properly? What is more effective, a rooftop wind turbine or solar panels? What type of water-saving fixtures and fitting are available and how efficient are they? There are no guilt-inducing doomsday scenarios because Terence Conran is an optimist about the role design can play in improving the quality of life. The author and one of the world leading designers, retailers, furniture-makers, restaurateur and founder of the Habitat group of stores, Terence is Chairman of Conran Holdings, the parent company of his retail and restaurant businesses, and Chairman of Conran & Partners, his architecture and design practice.


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