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Founded in 1989, The Collins Press publishes a wide range of non-fiction books. Their interests as a publisher are not limited to specific subject areas. The Collins Press assessment of a book's worth is based on the quality of the writing, how well it engages the interest of the reader, and whether it has new, interesting or original material. The Collins Press published titles should be available in all good bookshops. If not, booksellers can take a special order for any title(s). It helps if you can quote an ISBN. You can also order through their website, which has an ordering facility. Their books are available from major 'Etailers' such as Amazon.

Introducing selected titles:

Movers & ShapersIrish Visual Art 1960-2000<BR><font color="#0000FF">Vera Ryan</font>Movers & Shapers
: Irish Art Since 1960
by Vera Ryan published by The Collins Press/Defour Editions in 2003.
Art history is based on many sources: images, documents, voices. The series of interviews included in this book came about in an effort to present a kind of oral history of some aspects of the wider story of the visual arts in later 20th century Ireland. Memory has its own shades of truth and beauty. Vera Ryan interviewed 12 people: Noel Sheridan, Declan McGonagle, Patrick T. Murphy, Charles J. Haughey, among others. Vera Ryan was born in 1953. She has always worked in the visual arts and has taught art history at the Crawford College, Cork since 1981. Widely published in books and catalogues, Vera contributed to Tony O’Malley (Scholar Press 1996).

Movers & Shapers 2 Irish Visual Art 1940-2006<br><font color="#OOOOFF">Vera Ryan</font> Movers & Shapers: Irish Visual Art 1940-2006 by Vera Ryan published by The Collins Press/Defour Editions in 2006. The extraordinary changes which have happened in Ireland can make aspects of the past easily forgettable or unknown. What was the art world like before now?.. This title will help answer this question: 12 of Ireland’s most eminent people on the art scene are interviewed. Illustrated with black-and-white photographs, this book is the fascinating social and art history of Ireland.



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