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The Encyclopedia of Fonts by Gwyn Headley first published by Cassell Illustrated in 2005.
Anybody can create a font. And many people do it. But one tiny error in the code & a rogue font can crash your system. There are font management programs to help try & overcome this. Giving different fonts the same name is the way of getting your computer to crash...
There has never been another font book like The Encyclopedia of Fonts by Gwyn Headley. This title provides a visual guide to Text fonts & Display fonts. Chronological listings show how new ideas have been introduced & how design have developed. Well-informed, witty notes reveal the origin of many font names. An instant reference for the graphic revolution of the last 25 years.
Gwyn Headley's memories of the 60s include failing to become a rock star & instead discovering a passion for typography at St. Martin's School of Art in London's Charing Cross Road... He has spent 6 months at the Frankfurt Book Fair & to his eternal regret has never scored a try for Llanelli or Wales.
In U.S. & Canada this title distributed by Sterling Publishing.

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