Carlton Books

Carlton Books publishes high-quality illustrated books on a wide variety of popular subjects, including the arts, history, sport, design, entertainment, humour and puzzles. Their authors include Sir Martin Gilbert, Sir Alistair Horne, Professor Richard Holmes, Sir Patrick Moore and Brian May. They publish in association with many prestigious organisations including the Imperial War Museum, MENSA, Puzzler, FIFA and the MCC Museum at Lord’s.
Carlton Books fantastic range of new titles for Autumn 2009 includes FIFA’s first-ever book of football records, FIFA World Football Records 2010, the lavishly illustrated book for every woman who loves beautiful bags, Vintage Handbags, which recounts over 100 years of handbag history; the final chapter in their gripping four-volume IWM Second World War Experience series, The Struggle for Victory; and a comprehensive history of the most spectacularly successful British car ever built in The Mini: Celebrating 50 Years of a Modern Motoring Icon.

Carlton’s Children’s Books
Innovative books packed with facts, fun and surprises! Carlton’s children’s books set the benchmark for fresh and interactive children’s publishing. Early 2009 saw the release of a madcap adventure from two much-loved characters, Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures & Glorious Inventions.
The brilliant Autumn 2009 list includes more of the best in quality children’s publishing: the whimsical and beautifully produced Magical Horses, perfect for young horse-lovers; the villain-busting Big Book of Baddies; the sublimely dark and exciting Dracula along with some of Carlton’s unique interpretations of classic stories such as A Christmas Carol. A Short History

Introducing selected titles:

21st Century Design, Marcus FairsThis edition of 21st Century Design: New Design Icons From Mass To Avant-Garde by Marcus Fairs with foreword by Marcel Wanders published by Carlton Books in 2009. “In 21st century we can no longer use humanity to serve technology; we have to use technology to serve humanity.” 21st century has witnessed a phenomenal surge of creativity across all design disciplines. In almost every field of design there is a revolution going on. The old ideas and dogmas are being thrown away and the new century is beginning to look like a very different place. This title is a fully illustrated, up-to-date comprehensive survey of the design landscape that guiding reader through array of contemporary movements, styles, and trends. Marcus Fairs is award-winning journalist and editor of dezeen magazine and more.

Carlton Books, designContemporary Design : Design Museum by Catherine McDermott published by Carlton Books in 2008 (first published in 1997 under the title 20th Century Art).The design influences every aspect of the human life, from packaging of our food to the shape of our cars, homes, etc. This title features nearly 400 classics of design from the twentieth and 21st centuries. Fully-illustrated, the book puts together the essentials of modern design with nearly 400 examples of the best and most enduring examples. This informative account is an essential reference for students, designers and anyone interested in intelligent design and features the work of Frank Lloyd, Rem Koolhaas, Gio Ponti, Eileen Gray, Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Saul Bass, Philippe Starck, Nevile Brody, and others. Catherine McDermott is an author, professor, and respected curator of design exhibitions including Erotic Design at the Design Museum in London.



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