CNN is the most trusted and most honored name in news. When the Cable News Network hit the airwaves in 1980, it changed the face of television news forever. CNN reached 1.7 million households on its first day. The network's coverage of long-running news events, such as the Gulf War, the O.J. Simpson trial, the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, and the attacks on September 11th have set new standards for comprehensive news gathering and transformed the way we get our news. CNN's companion 24-hour news network, Headline News, was established in 1982, as was CNN Radio. Since then, CNN has added a European news network, a sports network in conjunction with Sports Illustrated (CNN/SI), a financial news network (CNNfn), and a Spanish-language news network, CNNenespanol. In 1996 Time Warner acquired Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., which is CNN's parent company. With more than 3,500 journalists and an on-air talent list that includes Wolf Blitzer, Christiane Amanpoor, Bernard Shaw, Larry King and Jesse Jackson, the company's flagship network continues to stand out among the recent arrivals in the 24-hour cable news industry. CNN brings its experience, expertise, and prestige to its newer specialty networks and maintains an interactive news service through the World Wide Web. In May 1999, the network announced the launch of a new consumer technology show as part of its $50 million partnership with the computer publishing company International Data Group.

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