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Business Plus is a devision of Hachette Book Group USA and dedicated to books about business. One of such books is Millionaire by Thirty .

millionaire by thirtyMillionaire by Thirty by Douglas R. Andrew, Emron D. Andrew, Aaron R. Andrew first published in 2008.
Millionaire by Thirty: the quickest path to early financial independence helps to its readers uncover the secrets of how to buy a home, helps to learn the smartest & easiest ways budget expenses, find out about the magic of home equity, discover the best place to put cash to maximize long-term savings...

In Author's note Doug Andrew writes:" ...this book can help you know how to generate wealth, quickly & safely by using proven strategies..." He passed his "extraordinary financial wisdom" to his sons Emron & Aaron, and by following their dad's advice, they have each having their own net worth rocket past $1,000 000 in their twenties. Doug's sons started out at age 21 making $30,000 a year. By following the guidelines that are outlined in this title, they're now in solid financial shape. This book helps to achieve a financial independence in young age...

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