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Bloomsbury USA, launched in 1998 by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, is an independent publisher of high quality fiction and non-fiction.The children's list was launched in 2001.

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc is a winner of the 1999 and 2000 Publisher of the Year awards.

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc is one of Europe's leading independent publishing houses.

Introducing selected titles:

[Untitled]Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity by James Hansen published by Bloomsbury in 2009. In this very relevant book, Hansen argues that we no longer can accept the greenwash of politicians and other leaders. This book refers to his growing concerns about the world his grandchildren may inhabit if we do not do all in our power to address man-made pollution to the atmosphere. James Hansen is best known for his accurate predictions about global warming since the 1980s and his advising Al Gore on An Inconvenient Truth. He is a frequent expert witness on Capitol Hill and the subject of numerous articles and profiles.
harry revised
Harry, Revised is a novel by Mark Sarvas. This book published by Bloomsbury USA in 2008. Harry, Revised has already sold in 12 countries around the world & garnered praise from some of the finest fiction writers working today...
Following his wife's untimely death, Harry tries to reinvent himself. Over lunch at his local greasy spoon he meets Molly, a raven-haired, twenty-two-years old waitress with whom, after a brief conversation about a Monte Cristo sandwich he is instantly smitten. Too unsure of himself to take the direct approach with her, he decides to transform the life of her over-weight, chunky co-worker Lucille, hopping that his escalating good deeds will win him Molly's heart...
At once deeply moving & darkly comedic, Harry, Revised is an fascinating novel about the measure of a man's worth.
Mark Sarvas is the founder of the popular & controversial literary blog "The Elegant Variation," a "Guardian," top 10 Literary Blog, a "Forbes Magazine" best of the web pic, & "Los Angeles Magazine" top Los Angeles Blog. He lives in L.A.

the gum thiefThe Gum Thief is a novel by the author of JPod & Microserts. This titles published in 2007. Douglas Coupland is a screenwriter, playwright, & visual artist in addition to novelist. He masterfully skewers life on the contemporary fringe & captures our disjointed age. His novels include Generation X, All Families Are psychotic, Hey Nostradamus!, Eleanor Rigby, JPod. He lives in Vancouver, Canada.
Roger Thorpe is a 43-year-old divorced father of 2, who embraces failure head on by taking the most mind numbing and soul crushing job the suburbs have to offer: "aisles associate" at a big box retailer. After his co-worker Bethany discovered that he has been keeping a journal with mock entries from her point of view, they strike up an unlikely correspondence & alliance. Roger & Bethany seek refuge in Roger's literary work-in-progress, Glove Pond. Their mutual nihilism festers while restocking office supplies at a Staples superstore.
Eschewing the e-pistolary novel, The Gum Thief is narrated instead through alternating journal entries, letters from angry ex-spouses & concerned parents, postcards, creative writing assignments & excerpts from Glove...

Shining City, Bloomsbury USAShining City (2008) is a novel by Seth Greenland. The award-winning playwright and screenwriter Greenland returned with his trademark razor-sharp wit to take on middle class malaise and skewer American culture in his new amazing and funny novel Shining City.
Marcus Ripps is just an average guy. He is trying to make enough money to pay the mortgage on his Van Nuys house, keep his wife happy & throw a decent bar mitzvah for his son.Desperation sets in when he finds himself out of work. The bills keep piling up, sending him upwards of $80,000 in debt. Suddenly his bad-boy brother Julian dies & leaves him a dry cleaning shop. Marcus son discovers that the business is a front for a very lucrative West Hollywood escort service. Marcus justifies his new line of work to himself by saying he'll just keep it going for 2 years - time to get his finances back in the black, & find a new respectable career...
To his surprise, Marcus discovers that he's quite good at making a living as a "family-value" pimp. He expands his business & sets up his girls with paid vacations, 401 (K) plans, and health coverage. But soon Marcus get in some hysterically funny & wild rollercoaster ride.
Seth Greenland has sold the film right to Shining City to Warner Brothers in a million dollar deal. Former New Yorker, Seth now lives in Los Angeles.

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