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Black Dog Publishing Limited London specialises in beautifully produced illustrated books that represent a fresh, eclectic take on contemporary culture.

Starting from a base in art and architecture, Black Dog Publishing has grown to embrace subjects as varied as design, fashion, music and environmental concerns.

As company's remit broadens and its list grows, Black Dog Publishing is expanding into new territories and gaining a broader audience around the world. Through this the Black Dog Publishing stay true to its founding principals; to take a daring, innovative approach to its titles, to maintain high production values and authoritative content and to produce books that challenge, provoke and entertain.

Black Dog Publishing - NeoPopRealism Journal
Colin St. John Wilson: Buildings and Projects by Roger Stonehouse first published by Black Dog Publishing in 2007.
This title features an introduction by Eric Parry, an essay by Wilson himself, commentaries by R. Stonehouse & summaries by C. McKeith.This fascinating book is the only complete examination of the architecture of the one of the 20th century most influential figures.
Colin St. John Wilson is a celebrated architect & one of the most important voices in the artistic & architectural debates of the last 50 years. Willson's interests & influence embraced all manner of human cultural endeavor.
Colin St. John Wilson: Buildings and Projects covers the following projects: Harvey Court, the Grantchester Road houses, Spring House, the School of Architecture Extension, Cambridge, the Manor Road Library Group, Oxford, Liverpool Civic & Social Center, Pallant House Gallery, & the British Library at St. Pancras.
Fully illustrated with more than 600 colour & black-&-white photographs & drawings, this spectacular book including case studies & analysis.

Black Dog Publishing - NeoPopRealism JournalThe Strange Death of Architectural Criticism by Martin Pawley, Collected writings first published by Black Dog Publishing in 2007.
Norman Foster begins this book (foreword) with the following words: "If you are an architect you might think you need a critic like the proverbial hole in the head..." The title of this book is drawn from a piece that M. Pawley wrote in 1998 for The Architects' Journal... Martin's perception of history has helped to bring many contemporary issues into sharper focus. He urges to look forward & offers a reminder for those that "would turn back the clock..."
Martin E. Pawley was born in 1938 in Borehamwood. His studies took him first to the Oxford School of Architecture, where he edited student magazine called D. Then to the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, & finally to the Architectural Association in London. As a critic, Pawley is as engaging on the TV screen as he is in print. Martin's range as a writer is extraordinary. As a critic with "original & mercurial mind", M. Pawley's critical horizon is entirely uninhibited by art historical clutter.
David Jenkins is an architect writer & editor. He is a former building editor on the Architects' Journal, he was director Phaidon Press, co-author of Pierre Koening...

Black Dog Publishing - NeoPopRealism Journal

Eye: The story behind the London Eye first published by Black Dog Publishing in 2007. It is the story of what happens when a couple of young, talented & idealistic architects, backed by the CEO of biggest U.K. corporation, challenge the status quo. This wonderful book is illustrated with unique photographs by Marcus Robinson & completed with insightful writing by Steve Rose.
London has always suffered from the shock of the new but the Eye is one of the structures that has helped to change that. 20 years ago, apart from County Hall & the Royal Festival Hall, the South Bank was a no-area. The concept of the Eye started to emerge when David & Julia didn't have a financial partner for their global project... Eventually they found Bob Ayling, then Chief Executive of British Airways... This fabulous title is the fascinating story about those wonderful dreams that come true.

Black Dog Publishing - NeoPopRealism Journal

Investigate, Ask, Tell, Draw, Build: 3XN Architects by Matteo Cainer first published by Black Dog Publishing in U.K., 2007.
This fabulous title explores one of Europe's most innovating practices, Denmark's 3XN. Key to their success has been the immense importance they place on investigating & interpreting the cultural context of the site of each project. They known for the ambitious aim to make their fascinating architecture the heritage of the future. 3XN were chosen to design the Museum of Liverpool...
Fully illustrated, this book shows that by developing an attitude to the process of architecture, it is possible to reverse or mitigate the delusion, creating the strongest possible relationship between site, architect, client & user.

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