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Introducing selected titles:

CUBA, Black Dog & Leventhal PublishersCuba: The Sights, Sounds, Flavors, and Faces by Francois Missen, Images by Pierre Hausherr published by Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers in 2010. Through the amazing photographs and text this book captured the spirit of Cuba. This beautifully illustrated account is celebration of the forbidden island with the personal stories that
accentuate the straggle, strength, and heart of the Cuban people.Francois Missen invites readers to explore the Havana city, famously known for its bright colors and sought-after cigars. Bright murals of Fidel Castro and political propaganda adorn concrete walls throughout the Cuba. As children are learning to read, they are learning about the Revolution; the vacationers flock to waterfront docks to eat crawfish and enjoy the views. . . Every stoty is accompnied with photographs, quotes, and captions. Frabcois Missen is a Pulitzer Prize-winning freelance investigative journalist.

50 States, Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers50 States: a State by State Tour of the USA
by Erin McHugh, illustrated by Alfred Schrierand and Jeff Suntala published by Black Dog & Leventhal in 2010. This beautiful and entertaining book includes information about 50 states of the United States, their history, geography, famous peole, inventions, how this country came to be so awesome, and much more. Readers will learn about the capital of each state, states' birds, flowers, fruits, nuts, shells, trees, nicknames, mottos, etc. Additionally, you will find out what the forefathers wrote in the Constitution, and about a separate district, conected in no way to another state, about George Washington, who hired a Frenchman named Pierre Charles L'Enfant to make a plan for a city that all American citizens could enjoy... And much-much more.


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