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BRB Publications, Inc is the nation’s premier publisher of sourcebooks used for locating public records. BRB’s books and electronic products point the way to over 26,000 government agencies and 3,500 record vendors that maintain, search for or retrieve public records. More than a directory, the profiles in their products include access procedures & restrictions fees, turn around times, web addresses along with phone numbers and addresses. The books, CD and Internet products are up-to-date, comprehensive and affordable. BRB Publications is a past recipient of the Publisher of the Year award from by Quality Books and is a past winner of a Product Achievement Award from the Information Industry Association.
Introducing selected titles:

The MVR Book 2009,  BRB publiicationsThe MVR Book, Motor Services Guide: The National Reference Detailing - In Practical Terms - The Privacy Restrictions, Access Procedures, Regulations and Systems of All State-Held Driver And Vehicle Records compiled and edited by Michael L. Sankey and published by BRB Publications in 2009. This 20th Edition is divided into 3 different sections. The sections with the state chapters is the section reader wull most often use. But very important information is presented in the other two sections. Motor vehicle records are used by many industries and grups, including insurance companies, employers, trucking firms, lenders, private investigators. Motor vehicle records include the following information: Driving history of citations; Driver’s license status; Accident/Crash report; Traffic ticket; Vehicle registration; Vehicle title, title history, liens. The MVR book presents information about each state’s policies of recordkeeping and access procedures, and the significant events and programs having a major impact on state motor vehicle information access and record retrieval. Michael L. Sankey is the founder and CEO of BRB Publications, Inc.

MVR Decoder Digest 2009, BRB PublicationsThe MVR Decoder Digest: translating the codes and abbreviations of violations and licensing categories that appear on motor vehicle records for all states compiled and edited by Michael L. Sankey and published by BRB Publications in 2009. This is the ideal reference book for translating the codes and abbreviations used on state driver history records. Driving records, referred to as MVRs, are important tool employed by a myriad of industries and groups including the insurance and trucking industries, employers, background screening companies, investigators, attorneys, etc. This title will help you understand driving records. Standardization between the states’ record abstracts and violations codes has progressed rapidly. However, the fact that individual state codes will continue to be as unique and diverse as the country we live in. This year edition contains some changes from last year, including 16 additional pages of the state with a great deal of revisions compared to last year include AR, CA, CO, GA, MA, MI, NM, OK,UT, AND WA among others. Text of this book presented in a user-friendly format.


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