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BenBella Books is a publishing boutique that publishes about twenty books a year, is very selective in what it acquires, and works with great diligence to publish each book to its maximum potential.
The success of a book is often a result of a good match between author and publisher. Every publisher is better at some things than others. BenBella is most actively acquiring in the area of business and finance, which is a very successful and fast growing category. Also, BenBella is actively acquiring in the area of health and nutrition, where they have an excellent track record of strong sales and fantastic authors. Beyond these two categories, BenBella Books Press is open to all areas of non-fiction.

Introducing selected titles:

Able! BenBella Books pressAble! How One Company’s Extraordinary Workforce Changed the Way We Look At Disability Today by Nancy Henderson published by BenBella Books in 2008. Able! was first published in 2005 and inspired many individuals and companies and challenged to create working opportunities for disabled adults. This title helps to understand and appreciate not only the obstacles a person with disabilities faces but what that person can accomplish in the right setting. Disabled employees require more effort and expense, but it is well worth a little extra hands-on training and longer training period. The benefits are invaluable; low absenteeism, built-in quality control, no turnover, and dedicated workforce. Employees not trying to get out of work but take pride in what they do. Habitat International has proven for 26 years that a business can survive and thrive without any government subsidies. This book was inspired by Habitat’s dynamic effect on the business world and the disabled community since its initial publication in 2005. It includes contributions from Randy Lewis, SVP of Operations & Logistics for Walgreens, George Kessinger, CEO of Goodwill Industries, The Honorable Thomas J. Ridge, Chairman of the Board of the National Organization on Disability, First Secretary of Homeland Security and Former Governor of Pennsylvania, and others.

Law & Order, BenBella PressLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit by Susan Green and Randee Dawn published by BENBELLA BOOKS in 2009. The story of Law & Order: Special Victim Unit starts over 10 years ago, then Law & Order had just won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series and it was one of the top drama series on television. The authors of this title want help understand the spirit of the current millennium. The goal of studying SVU in print proved to be elusive. This book includes a gripping foreword from legendary creator Dick Wolf; a synopsis and an objective analysis for each episode; commentaries and recollections from creative minds behind the hour-long
episodes, 33 full-color photos of the cast and set, and much more. This book serves as a source of facts about fiction.

Saving Your American Dream, BenBella Books PressSaving Your American Dream: How to Secure a safe Mortgage, Protect Your Home, and Improve Your Financial Future by Jason Biro published by BENBELLA Books in 2009. This book is dedicated to homeowners who are struggling to make their mortgage payments. Saving Your American Dream contains the great stories, explanations, advice, and plans. This book can be a starting point and change your life. You will find out how to understand lending, find the right loan, and secure a safe mortgage. Jason Biro shows you step-by-step how to make it through these economic times without sacrificing the American dream of homeownership. Tell Jason your story, and you could receive direct financial assistance and one-on-one advice to help with your mortgage payments to prevent or stop foreclosure. . . (www.

Queers In History, Benbella Books pressQueers In History: the comprehensive encyclopedia of historical gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders by Keith Stern published by BENBELLA Books in 2009. This fully illustrated title included biographies of over 900 prominent people from 2450 BC to today. People in the past were more open about their sexuality than we might expect, especially with their associates and close friends. Much of the stigma of homosexuality has arisen in relatively recent decades and was not so strong in the eighteenth century and prior. This title presents the stories of famous people from the beginning of recorded time into the 21st century, surprising and absorbing.


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