B. B. King

B. B. King - NeoPopRealism JournalRiley B. King - The "King" of the Blues: Riley "Blues Boy" King came out from behind the wheel of a tractor on a Mississippi cotton plantation, headed off to Memphis, and found work as a disc jockey.
"Blues Boy" was shortened to "B.B.", and the rest is Blues history.
Born: September 16, 1925, Birthplace: Indianola, Mississippi
B.B. King FansEnjoy streaming radio while viewing artist bios & much more. Sun Records recorded B.B. in 1951. His first national hit was "Three O'Clock Blues". He has gone on to record 70+ records. But his relentless touring schedule has been what has really brought his music to the people.
Among his hits: The Thrill Is Gone, Let The Good Time Roll, How Blue Can You Get, It Costs To Be The Boss, Sweet Little Angel, and When Love Comes To Town. 4 - Honorary Doctorates 7 - W.C. Handy Blues Awards 4 - NAACP Image Awards 9 - Grammy Awards 27 - Downbeat Awards
One of B. B.'s biggest paths to success was juke boxes in bars a clubs around the country and especially in the South. While most radio stations refused to play his songs, it was rare to find a jukebox where his music wasn't the most popular. B.B.'s guitar is named Lucille. Named after a woman who enraged a man so much he set fire to the club B.B. was playing. He rescued the beloved guitar from the fire and he still has it today. You probably won't hear the original Lucille at a concert, B. B. usually plays a copy, The original stays in his hotel room. To most of the world, B.B. King is the Blues greatest ambassador. His music has cut across cultural, political, and generational lines as he has kept up a relentless schedule of touring and recording. To see how hard this man works just go look at his schedule. If you have never seen B.B. live, this is the time. Our national treasure will most certainly be in your area in the next year, head out and see the greatest.




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