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Avalon Travel was formed in 1999 with the merger of three independent travel publishers - Moon Publications (established 1973), John Muir Publications (established 1973), and Foghorn Press (established 1982) - creating the largest independent travel publisher based in the United States.

Avalon publishes several major travel guidebook series: Rick Steves; Moon, which includes Moon Handbooks, Moon Metro, Moon Outdoors, and Moon Living Abroad; The Dog Lover’s Companion; the best-selling guidebook Road Trip USA; and individual travel titles.
Based in Berkeley, California, Avalon is a member of the Perseus Books Group.
Introducing selected titles:

california fishing8th Edition of Moon California Fishing: The Complete Guide to Fishing on Lakes, Streams, Rivers, and the Coast by Tom Stienstra first published by Avalon Travel, a member of the Perseus Books Group in April 2008, 1st Edition - in 1992.
In creation of this fascinating title were involved 40 fishing experts, each of whom Tom Stienstra fished with... There are over 360 lakes reader can drive to, 475 lakes he can hike to, 175 streams, and 1,200 miles of coastline. This unique book covered these places; it's enough to fish in a different spot every weekend for 22 years.
This book included information about top 10 fisheries, about best hike-in fisheries; best places to teach kids to fish, most unusual fisheries, and much more. Tom Stienstra wrote: "I fish, hike, and camp all the time, 12 months a year. This is not a hobby... It's my full-time job and has been my career for 30 years." In this book he'll help you to find the perfect destinations...

Rick Steves' Eastern EuropeRick Steves' Eastern Europe by Rick Steves first printed by Avalon Travel in April 2008. It is a personal tour guide that is organized by destinations, filled with exciting sights and convenient and affordable places to stay and eat. This fascinating detailed title is up-to-date and accurate. Rick Steves' Eastern Europe contains information on how to plan your time: suggests a schedule with thoughts on how best to use your limited time; orientation includes tourist information, tips on public transportation, local tour options, map designed to make your arrival smooth and your trip easy and enjoyable...
Rick Steves informs you what you need to know when traveling in Eastern Europe. He spends 4 months each year exploring this part of the world, and will help you to find hotels, and restaurants that make the most of your vacation budget, very best sights and museums, the major monuments...
In this useful and unique guide, Rick Steves and Cameron Hewitt, covered the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia, along with the gateway city of Vienna.

california hiking8th Edition of Moon California Hiking: The Complete Guide to 1,000 of the Best Hikes in the Golden State by Tom Stienstra and Ann Marie Brown published by Avalon Travel March 2008 (1st Edition - 1994). Avalon Travel is committed to making this title the most enjoyable and accurate hiking guide to the California state. Authors of this book invite you discover the best hiking trails in California. This title contains descriptions of trails ranging from multi-day backpacking trips to easy day hikes; Best Hikes lists, including Best for Waterfalls and best Hikes with a View, Best Beach and Coastal Walks, Best for Bird-Watching, Best Butt-Kickers; easy-to-follow maps, driving directions to each trailhead, and details on where to park; essential planning details, including round-trip distance and hiking time, ratings for trial difficulty and scenic beauty, and user group access. In this fascinating book you will find all you need to know about California hiking.

moon italyFirst edition of Moon Italy (Moon Handbooks) by Alexei J.Cohen published by Avalon Travel in June 2008. This fabulous Moon Handbook will give you the tools to make your own choices with suggestions on how to plan a trip that perfect for you, including The Best of Italy, The Golden Triangle, La Dolce Vita: Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Following Michelangelo, 30 detailed maps, the firsthand experiences and unique perspective of Alexei J Cohen... It is one of America's finest travel guidebooks, very informative and provides well-rounded insight into the country and its culture.


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