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beyondBeyond The Myth by Teddy Begay first published by AuthorHouse in 2007. It is work of fiction. Teddy Begay was born in 1950 on the Navajo Indian reservation. Out of 9 children, only he graduated from high school & went to work in the coal mining industry, specializing in reclamation & environmental work.
Readers become intrigued about a story of how a nomadic culture has survived through the eyes of a native... The spellbinding analogies of traditional mythology of emerging through the many worlds & dimension are drawn with characters, captivate how the world holds the undeniable relevance of the current world affairs...

againAgain by Mark David first published by AuthorHouse in 2005. This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual person, dead or living, is coincidental. Places, events, & situations in this book are absolutely fictional.
Robert Copeland, an unconventional young artist attempts to uncover the meaning of his dreams. He reveals the discovery in the history of mankind - the real purpose of the fingerprints that link our dreams with reality. Not one fingerprint has ever been matched...until now...

tapWeaving a Tapestry of Love: the Peace Book by Jacqueline Matthews first published by AuthorHouse in 2005. This book dedicated to the celebration of oneness. Jacqueline Matthew set the intention that "every person who reads this book will feel the most peace, love and harmony possible from the messages and concepts shared..." Author of this book focusing on the mind, body & spirit. Jacqueline Matthews wants to help people in their discovery of Self, find an inner peace, increase personal power.
Jacqueline is a Reiki Master in the Usui, Seichim-Sekhem, Shambala & Karuna Reiki practices.

planet nibiruPlanet X Nibiru Slow-Motion Doomsday by Rob Solarion first published by 1stBooksLibrary in 2004.
Rob Solarion was born in Texas. He was a 1964 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Russian & minoring in French. He became interesting in catastrophism & ancient history in 1972. In 1980-1993 he became fascinated by the books of Zecharia Sitchin concerning Planet X Nibiry. Rob developed his theory of "The Cosmic Tree," which is unique & has not been explored by other researchers on the Internet. Also Rob Solarion is a leading auhority on the life & times of Apollonius of Tyana.
Planet X Nibiru Slow-Motion Doomsday is illustrated with black-and-white photographs & diagrams.

sherriLooking Through My Eyes by Sherri A Carcamo first published by 1stBook Library is 2003. Author of this book was born in 1963 in PA. Now she resides in L.A. She wrote a book, which is a compilation of actual events. The story is based on Sherri's true experiences, psychic phenomenon, & understanding of life. She ends her book with optimistic words: "Always believe that everything happens for a reason and life is truly wonderful!"

ashesFrom the Ashes by Meghan Brunner first published in 2002 by 1stBooks Library. This book is a work of fiction. From the Ashes is about love & evil, joy & heartbreak, & magic... Meghan has been telling stories for as long as she's been able to talk & will continue until "there's no sky left to hear them."
All songs that included in this book are "traditional." They were written a long time ago. The only non-traditional songs included is Peter Mayer's "Molly O'Malley's."

remembranceLove & Remembrance by D. Jovanovic first published by AuthorHouse in 2002. This book is a work of fiction.
Shoshannah Levy-Goldstein, a young naturopathic physician, finds a box that belonged to her grandfather, Dr. Eliahu Levy. Dr. Eliahu Levy is a distinguished psychiatrist who escaped from Germany shortly before the World War II.
The box contains the file of his therapeutic sessions with Sophie Jacobs. Contrary to professional ethics, Dr. Levy failed to destroy this file when he closed his practice. He believed it would be of scientific interest in the future because of its documentation & analysis of the paranormal. Shoshannah reaches the same conclusion & transcribes the sessions into book form. The tapes explore the paranormal phenomena discussed by the patient and the Notes reveal the Doctor's evaluation of their validity... D. Jovanovic is a musician & retired psychiatric social worker...

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