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Arcturus Publishing Limited is dedicated to the idea of creating intelligent, well-designed books on popular subjects that sell at attractive prices to audiences throughout the world.
Arcturus Publishing Limited believes that the mass-market is a discerning market a& that it demands quality in content, style & value for money, & that is what Arcturus Publishing Limited aims to provide.

danteDante's Divine Comedy: Hell, Purgatory, Paradise published by Arcturuc Publishing Limited in 2007.
The Divine Comedy, the first book to be written in the Italian vulgare instead of Latin, was begun in 1308 & contains three cantiche Inferno (Hell), Purgatorio ( Purgatory), & Paradiso (Paradise). Dante's allegorical theme of God's gradual revelation to unsuspecting, unprepared pilgrim beautifully illustrates the concept of the rational human soul choosing salvation of its own free will.
The technique of having two Dante characters, the poet & the Pilgrim, allows the narrative to reach out to the universal reader whilst operating on a personal level... Fully illustrated, this fascinated book tells story about a lost pilgrim who is taken on a guided pilgrimage through the three realms: Hell, Purgatory, & Paradise.

knotsKnots: An IIlustrated Practical Guide To The Essential Knot Types And Their Uses by Andrew Adamides first published by Arcturus Publishing Limited in association with foulsham, W, Foulsham & Co. Ltd.
This title featuring a wide range of decorative & practical knots. It is a source of information about knot's history, basics, its difficulty rating... This fascinating book has devided into seven main sections, devoted to different categories of knots. The eight section is dedicated to trick & fancy knots.
Knots: An Illustrated Practical Guide To The Essential Knot Types And Their Uses is fully illustrated & gives the reader a basic overview of each knot, development & an easyto-use guide to tying it.

kabbalahThe Essence Of Kabbalah by Brian L. Lancaster first published by Arcturus Publishing Limited in 2006.
Kabbalah is Judaism's inner teaching. It primary addresses the nature of God and the secret meanings of the Torab. Kabbalah explores the deep structure of the mind and of the reality.
The kabbalists seeks God through the words of the Torah. Also they seeks God through the practices that are perpetuated in the oral tradition associated with the Torah.
Brian L. Lancaster explores subject of Kabbalah in 8 chapters: 'Why Kabbalah?', 'Jewish Mysticism: The Biblical Origins,' 'The Rise of Kabbalah,' 'Kabbalah and Creation,' 'The Concealed Torah,' 'A Mysticism of Language,' 'Prayer and Concentrative Practice,' & 'Kabbalah Today.'
The Essence of Kabbalah explains the mysticism of the Tora & the other books in the Hebrew Bible. This title presents deep overview of the historical trends that have shaped Kabbalah...

davinci1Leonardo Da Vinci: In His Own Words by William Wray first published by Arcturus Publishing Limited in association with foulsham, W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd. in 2005.
Leonardo Da Vinci recognized as a genius: artist, architect, scientist, musician, engineer, court entertainer, inventor & philosopher. Da Vinci is considered to be the ultimate 'Renaissance man,' who was capable of turning his mind to anything. His understanding of nature & the meaning of life reveal to us why he is still revered as a artist of super power, & a thinker...
This book is fully illustrated with Leonardo Da Vinci artwork.
William Wray is at present time working on a series of books devoted to the writing of the wise, which includes the recently published Saying Of The Buddah.

Through The Eyes Of Leopnardo Da Vinci: Selected Drawings By The Great Renaissance Master published by Arcturus Publishing in association with foulsham, W. Foulsham & Co. 2004.
davinci2This title presents both famous & less famous art works of the great master with commentaries by Barrington Barber. The book is divided into seven sections: The Natural World, The Art of Science, The Human Condition, Extreme expression, Conflict, The Divine Spirit, & Symbolic Themes. All of them introduced by William Wray, the Renaissance scholar & philosopher.
Leonardo Da Vinci created a new way of looking at nature & understanding ourselves in relationships to nature. He created a way of thinking that did much to lay the foundations for the modern world. He created some of the finest & most profound works of art. Da Vinci was one of the most versatile geniuses in history... His notebooks show what the human mind can do & what the spirit might rise to. His tools are his mind, eyes, & drawing implement.
This title explores the conjunction of these three in order to begin to follow Leonardo, & begin to see through his eyes...


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