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Introducing Claudette Losier (Canada) - Honorable mention of 4th International NeoPopRealism Starz Art Competition, September 1, 2009 - March 28, 2010

Claudette Losier (Canada), Honorable Mention, 4th NeoPopRealism Starz Int'l Art CompetitionCurrently, art of Claudette Losier can be seeing at the Burlington Center in Ontario, Canada.
“I like most about being an artist is creating using line, form, colour either in drawing or painting and seeing before your eyes something flat pop,” Claudette Losier said to the NeoPopRealism Journal. “I like the process, journey, and final product. I love being in my right brain in abstract thought process loss in time and space where bliss lies and therefore a connection with the divine.”
About her inspiration she said, “Life, love and beauty is my inspiration. Also, lately, my yoga guru Yogananda’s divine poetry wisdom and cosmic chants are inspiring Noodling My Doodling With My Neigbor by Cloudette Losier (Canada)paintings and doodles. My main goal is divine union with God and perfecting myself to this goal per my guru
Yogananda’s methods.”
Claudette Losier lives with her husband Ron Goff and their cat Monet. Claudette’s dad’s family is of French Acadian descent and their family tree has been traced back to the 1700’s in Tracadie, New Brunswick. “But then, again, I am
also part of the divine and the greater family called the human race,” Claudette says.
Claudette Losier graduated from Brock University with a Honours in Fine Arts in 1989. The Award-wining artist, in 2006 she began teaching art in different institutions, including Burlington Art Center.
“Claudette Losier’s work “Noodling My Doodling With My Neighbor” reflects her life. She is one of those thinking artists who strives for perfection and harmony. Her experiments with medium opened to her new doors in her wonderful artistic journey.” Juror Nadia Russ said.

Columbia University Press

Discovering History iin China, Columbis University PressDiscovering History In China: American Historical Writing on the Recent Chinese Past (With a New Introduction) by Paul A. Cohen published by Columbia University Press in 2010. This book continues to be assigned in college courses not only in the US but in Taiwan, China, and Japan - first edition published over decade ago. This important account operates on 2 levels: that of the history that direct participants make and experience, and that of the history that historians write. This volume has become essential to the study of China from the early 19th century to today. P. A. Cohen reflects on his 50 years career as a historian of China and discusses major recent trends in the field. Paul A. Cohen is and author and Wasserman Professor of Asian Studies and History Emeritus at Wellesley College and associate at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies Harvard University.
So Lovely a Country Will Never Perish, Colubmia University PressSo Lovely A Country Will Never Perish: Wartime Diaries of Japanese Writers by Donald Keene published by Columbia University Press in 2010. (Also e-book available). This book consists mainly of selections from diaries kept by Japanese writers from late 1941 to late 1946. None of the writers is known abroad. Donald Keene has not attempted to present a rounded picture of political or cultural developments. He believes that the diaries, extremely varied in point of view and manner, well convey the experience of the Japanese people during a momentous period of their history. All the diaries were published and are familiar to scholars of the period.

The War Dead and the Struggle For Japan, Columbia University PressYasukuni, the War Dead and the Struggle for Japan’s Past by John Breen (Editor) published by Columbia University Press in 2008. This book is an attempt to convey, through the voices of various observers and commentators who hold very divergent views, a sense of the real complexity of Yasukuni, and he complexity of the Pacific War as it lives on in contemporary memories. Breen presents divergent views on the shrine and its place in postwar Japanese diplomacy, history and ideology. The critical contributions are written by leading Yasukuni and anti-Yasukuni Japanese intellectuals, and Chinese and Western commentators. English-speaking readers now can access a full portrait of the shrine’s significance and its position in Japan history.

Introducing John Alcock (Australia) - 3rd Place Winner of 4th International NeoPopRealism Starz Art Competition, September 1, 2009 - March 28, 2010

John Alcock (Australia), 3rd place winner of 4th NeoPopRealism Starz Art CompetitionJohn Alcock was born in 1950 in a small county town of Walpeup, in a wheat growing area, in Australia, and grew up surrounded the natural environment. His interest in arts was shaped by his father’s great love to Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. After finishing his school, John went to work in environment, and was traveling a lot. In 1989, he went back to art school and did an Associate Diploma of Visual Arts at Barton institute.
He said to the NeoPopRealism Journal, “I think the gift to be given the chance to express oneself as an artist is great in the pleasure it can bring and the responsibility it carries. One is not creative, but one is born that way, with a burning desire to do so. One’s creativity should not be an expression of the ego, but an expression the very soul of the artist.”
Victoria Spring by John Alcock, 3rd Place Winner of 4th NeoPopRealism starz Int'l Art CompetitionJohn Alcock’s aim is to make the world a better place - at least one person, to help people to see the environment in a different way and “to have a healthy respect for our planet.”
“I am often blown away by people’s creative inspiration,” he says. “We should always
strive to be the best person we can be at any given time. In the arts, we should be always attempting to extend ourselves.”
Currently, John Alcock working full time as an artists in the state of Victoria, spending some time with his teenage son.
“John Alcock’s artwork ‘Victoria Spring’ is celebration of beauty, it carries strong positive energy and inspired by Australian nature. John brings his happy fascination on his canvas, creating shapes, and using bright, high energy colors,” juror Nadia Russ said.

Charles Scribner's Sons: Encyclopedia of Modern China

Encyclopedia of Modern China, Gale Encyclopedia of Modern China by David Pong (Editor in Chief) published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning in 2009 and includes 4 volimes. In China, the reforms implemented after the passing of Mao Zedong have produced dramatic results. Today, this extraordinary country is still a country in a search of a solution that would bring a steady political course, national dignity, and security and prosperity to its citizens. There’s much to analyze, describe, and understand about new China. These four encyclopedia volumes have brought together nearly 500 authors to write 936 entries and sidebars about China from 1800 to present. Topics range from the ever-changing structure of the banking system to the daily life of common folks. Members of the editorial board set about selecting a balanced and rich collection of topics intended to describe the complexity of the country’s culture, history, and elucidate its current success and predicaments.
Encyclopedia of Modern China is the historical addition to Scribner’s World History program. This important four-volume set - more than 2,000 pages - provides a wealth of reliable and authoritative information and features not only current up-to-date scholarship but new research as well. Greatly illustrated, this encyclopedia is a collection of entries on topics that span the spectrum of China’s history, culture, and society, and will enable readers to create their own picture of modern and contemporary China, generating their own interpretation. A thematic outline helps readers to identify quickly groups of related articles and themes. More than 50 primary source documents, including Ma Yinchu’s New Population Theory, now translated into English. Also, Encyclopedia of Modern China is pushing boundaries, providing solid reference. Accessible resource for the general public, it will help shape new perspectives on China in the public arena. David Pong (Editor in Chief) is an author and professor of History and Director of the East Asian Studies Program at the University of Delaware. David Pong specializes in Late Imperial and Early Republic.

Introducing Sigmund Abeles (USA) - 2nd Place Winner of 4th International NeoPopRealism Starz Art Competition, September 2009 - March 2010

Sigmund Abeles, 2nd Place Winner, 4th NeoPopRealism Starz art competitionSigmund Abeles: “Appear to be an artist… It is so hard to keep up appearances, isn't it? Growing up in a small town in SC without any art in the segregated schools, I poured over old Life magazines, my mom filled cabinets with, and ultimately the art articles knocked me out.
Otherwise, my only professional dream was to be a jockey and then a horse trainer.”
Initially, he wanted to become the Diego Rivera of the US Civil Rights Movement, political art, but his true imagery was intimist.
Sigmund Abeles was raised by a single parent, his mom. All her family were small business folks. His father's side was rabbinical and professional, but he only met some of them after he was grown and moved to NYC.
“My main goal is to keep on making vital, significant art about life/humanity with honesty, intensity and depth and get it seen, even sold,“ Sigmund Abeles said to the NeoPopRealism Journal. “I hope and dream to work to my last day and hope that is at least fifteen years more of image-making."

Sigmund Abeles, Portrait of Parasomniac (self-portrait)Several months ago, Sigmund Abeles celebrated his 75th anniversary. His artistic career is a success story of a notable artist whose art works can be found in top art museums in the US and Europe such as MoMA and Metropolitan, with list of the solo and group art exhibitions and many awards. In 2000, Coastal Carolina University awarded him an honorary doctorate. The same 2000, he had his major one-artist exhibition at Thomas Williams Fine Arts, London, UK. The Pastel Society of America made him their Hall of Fame Honoree for 2004, and in 2006 he was awarded their Degas Pastel Society Award. . . For many years, he was teaching art
and continues sharing his great talent with new generations of artists.
Juror Nadia Russ said, “Sigmund Abeles’s artwork Parasomniac (Self-Portrait) is all about depth and emotionally touching theme. Its colors combination and composition (perfect choice) are catching viewers’ attention and asking for emotional respond."

Jossey-Bass: For Students Affairs Professionals and More

AlLegal Guide For Student Affairs Professionals, Jossey-BassA Legal Guide for Student Affairs Professionals (2nd Edition) by William A. Kaplan and Barbara A. Lee published by Jossey-Bass in 2009. Often, the issues student affairs professionals face involve institutional policy, but with continually increasing frequency they have legal implications as well. The challenges for student affair professionals are often difficult and multifaceted, they may arise on a daily basis in the course of performing their particular institutional responsibilities. In this edition, many new topics of concern have emerged and some older topics have assumed major roles, and new sections appeared. Some sections have been re-conceptualized and reorganized in process of updating them. Each chapter ends with a Selected Annotated Bibliography. Readers can use the listed books, reports, articles, web sites, other sources to extend the discussion of particular issues presented in the chapter, to explore issue not treated in the chapter, to discover resources for research, and to obtain additional practical guidance in dealing with the chapter’s issues. The mail goal for this book remain much the same and similar to the goal for the 4th edition og The Law of Higher Education. The aim of A Legal Guide for Student Affairs Professionals is to enhance the capacities of student affairs professionals to integrate legal considerations onto their daily responsibilities; to promote effective relationships between administrators and the institution’s legal counsel; to facilitate understanding of the relationship between law and policy; and to provide a base for the continuing debate concerning law’s role on campus. For the authors’s brief updates and citations on major new developments and resources that affect the discussions in this book reader can visit NACUA website: William A. Kaplin is author and professor of law at the Columbus School of Law, The Catholic University of America, in Washington, DC. He is also Distinguished Professorial Lecturer at the Stetson University College of Law in Florida and senior fellow of Stetson’s Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy. Barbara A. Lee is professor of human resource management at the School of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University, NJ. She is also of counsel to the law firm of Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge, LLP and is a former dean of the School of Management and Labor Relations.
The Handbook of Student Affairs AdministrationThe Handbook of Student Affairs Administration (3rd Edition) by George S. McClellan, Jeremy Stringler and Associates published by Jossey-Bass in 2009. NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education - is the leading voice for student affairs administration, policy, and practice. NASPA members serve a variety of functions and roles, including the vice president and dean for student life and professionals working within housing and residence life, student unions, student activities, career development, counseling, orientation, enrollment, ethnic and racial minority support services, and retention and assessment. The 3rd edition of The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration is intended to serve as a practical and informative resource and organized into seven broad constructs. This edition continues the emphasis on practical and timely information for student affairs and includes updated and revised iterations of key chapters from previous editions. Chapters focus on day-to-day professional practice in student affairs, reference classic and recent literature, feature case studies and examples from a multitude of functional areas. This book offers both theoretical framework and practical advice. The contributors include discussions on critical topics, such as institutional governance, institutional mission, understanding campus environment, and much more. George S. McClellan is vice chancellor for student affairs at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. Jeremy Stringer is the founder and current program director of the Student Development Administration Master’s Program at Seattle University.

The Handbook of Career Advising, Jossey-BassThe Handbook of Career Advising by Kenneth F. Hughey, Dorothy Burton Nelson, Joanne K. Damminger, Betsy McCalla-Wriggins, and Associates published by Jossey-Bass in 2009. Career advising is an increasingly important activity for academic advisors. Advisors are uniquely positioned to make career advising an integral part of academic advising and to facilitate and support students’ career and academic development. This bestselling book addresses topics that will enhance academic advisors’ knowledge and competence in career advising of students. For 30 years NACADA, partnered with Jossey-Bass to publish this text, has been recognized for providing quality programming, publications, and networking opportunities that support the work of all university staff and faculty who create the academic advising experiences. Kenneth F. Hughey is professor and chair of the Department of Special Education, counseling, and Student Affairs at Kansas State University. Dorothy Burton Nelson directs the Center for Student Excellence at Southern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana. Joanne K. Damminger is director of Student Transition and Leadership Program at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. Betsy McCalla-Wriggins is director emeritus of the Career and Academic Planning Center at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ.

Introducing BLAIR BARBOUR (USA) - 1st Place Winner of 4th International NeoPopRealism Starz Art Competition, September 1, 2009 - March 28, 2010

Blair Barbour, 1st Place Winner, NeoPopRealism Starz Art ComppetitionArt was a big part of Blair Barbour's childhood. She said to the NeoPopRealism Journal, “My art career started in high school when I received a national art award from the United States Achievement Academy. I got started showing my artwork in art events and galleries early in life with the support of my parents - my mother is an artist - and went to college and got a degree in Fine Art, receiving the Marion-Ebert Wolle Scholarship.”
Blair Barbour thinks that the most exciting thing about this profession - artist - is creating the artwork itself.
“The medium I use doesn’t allow me to see the piece until the very end for two reasons: I work backwards, starting with the most basic background details and finishing with the top layers and waiting for the acrylic medium to dry letting the art reveal itself,” she said. “I love showing my work and sharing it with the world. There is nothing better than doing what you love as your "job" and, I hope, to inspire others to chase their dreams.”
Blair gets her inspiration from “every day life, exciting moments in time might be lost otherwise. I like taking those moments and spending days bringing them to the surface. The little details in life are the most valuable, so don’t miss them!”
To the question what she thinks about experimenting in art, Blair Barbour said, “This is such a large question! I believe that visual arts are a form of therapy, expression of the soul, one of the greatest gifts given to every human, and, I hope, each one will utilize that talent in some way. Experimenting is what life is all about and I will continue to experiment and grow with my art, to inspire and give back. Experimenting in visual arts is my life and my duty because art has been the one truth that has pulled us through history and reveals its secrets. Without art and experimentation our world would be a dark, boring place.”
Blair Barbour, Moulin Rouge, NeoPopRealism Starz 1st place winnerBlair Barbour is from a blended family with five sisters and four parents. Her family consists of musicians, writers and artists. Blair’s mother is an exhibiting artist and teacher. Her step-mother was an artist who was always trying new things and showing to Blair how to do them. Art and music have always been around the house and the support of Blair Barbour’s parents has been the driving force in following her dreams.
“I am living my main dream, and on the path to accomplishing more of my dreams,” Blair said, and continues: “My main dream is to share my visual art with the world’s eyes, next - to share my writing with the world’s ears, and then - to share my future yoga studio with the world’s souls.”
Blair Barbour’s artwork 'Moulin Rouge' is harmonical and courageous in her choices. She is experimenting with the medium, adding to her technique her talent and spirit,” juror Nadia Russ said.
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