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The book Alexander The Great At War first published by Osprey Publishing in Great Britain in 2008.
This fascinating book gives detailed & illustrated information about Alexander The Great' army, battles, enemies.
Ruth Sheppard writes: "Alexander's army, like the Macedonian state, was run from the court that always travelled with the king. This comprised a hundred or so coarties, known as 'Personal Companions,' or sometimes simply 'Companions'...The army that Alexander took to Asia in spring 334 was far from homogeneous..."
Upon the assassination of his father in the summer of 334 BC Alexander took over the reins of power of a now united Greece. a year later he began conquest in world history.
This title has edited by Ruth Sheppard. the Alexander The Great At War hascovered the development of Alexander's Army, his battles & campaigns...
Ruth Sheppard read Ancient & Modern History at St. John's College, Oxford. This is the 2nd book she has written for the Osprey Publishing.

The Roman Battle Tactics 109BC-AD313 by Ross Cowan first published in Great Britain in 2007. This book illustrates the tactics employed by the legions of late Republican and early Imperial Rome, from the evidence of ancient writers.
The Roman Army was not only the greatest military machine in the Western world for at least 4 centuries. Roman Army was the foundation of the Western military tradition.
This title contains an information about the battle plans & the colour interpretations of tactical scenarios.
Ross Cowan was formerly a researcher student at the Glasgow University. There he was awarded a PhD for a thesis on the Roman Army Aspects of the Severan Field Army AD 193-238. In 1999 he was elected a fellow of the Society of the Antiquaries of Scotland.
Adam Hook, this title illustrator has studied graphic design & began his work as an illustrator in 1983. His work featured in exhibitions through the world.

Ancient World/Osprey Publishing - NeoPopRealism JournalThe Granicus 334 BC first published in Great Britain in 2007. Granicus River was Alexander's first great victory over the Persians. He demonstrated the style of decisive leadership that was the hallmark of his career.
This title provides a detailed analysis of the battle. Alexander's 5,000 cavalry routed a force of 20,000 Persian cavalry. This victory was the springboard for the subjugation of the coastal cities & ultimately the conquest of the Persian Empire.
Michael Thompson has a masters Degree in ancient history from the Oxford university. He wrote a thesis on the political & military career of the Hellenistic monarch Demetrius Poliorcetes...
Richard Hook trained at Reigate college of Art. He has an international reputation & has illustrated more than 50 Osprey titles.

The Roman Army of The Punic Wars 264-146 BC by Nic Fields first published in Great Britain in 2007.
Talented generals like Scipio Africanus transformed the legions into a formidable fighting force. This book examines the development of Roman tactics & organization through Rome's transition from a city-based state to a Mediterranean powerhouse.
This book contains commands, information about organization and evolution of forces in battle, describing elements of doctrine, tactics, equipment & training.
Nic Fields started his career as a biochemist before joining the Royal Marines. He has gained a BA and PhD in Ancient History at the University of Newcastle. Nic was Assistant Director at the British School of Archeology, Athens, & lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Edinburgh.

Ancient World/Osprey Publishing - NeoPopRealism JournalThe Lords Of Battle - The World Of Celtic Warrior - by Stephen Allen first published in Great Britain in 2007.
Steven Allen examines the Celtic warrior, his society & his place within it, & the conflicts that would, eventually destroy his world. He has covered the period from the first mention of the Celts by ancient Greek writers to the Roman conquest of Britain.
The Celtic warrior of the late Iron Age was the archetypal barbarian: savage, undisciplined & bloodthirsty beyond belief. In a clash of cultures that lasted almost 500 years, the vibrant society in which he lived, fought & died was virtually destroyed, becoming a myth & legend...
Stephen Allen writes in the introduction; "... Charging naked into battle, impervious to wounds, & wielding a terrible sword with which to take the heads of his enemies, he was the antithesis of the drilled and disciplined soldiers of the Greek hop-lite phalanx or the Roman legion. This powerful image is still with us after more than two millennia..."
This amazing book invites readers to the wonderful journey in the Ancient World...

The Besieged by Duncan B. Campbell first published by Osprey Publishing in 2006.
Sieges played a central role in many conflicts of the ancient world. Many famous generals such as Darius, Alexander the Great, Scipio Africanus Hannibal used siegecraft to achieve their objectives.
Duncan B. Campbell writes in his introduction: "The history of siege warfare stretches back into the 2nd millennium BC..." This fascinating title examining the techniques & weapons used during the sieges in the ancient world. This book explores the development of siege warfare from Persia in the 6th century BC to the 4th century Roman world. This book illustrated with maps, photographs & drawings.
Duncan B. Campbell is a specialist in Ancient Greek & Roman warfare. He produced a complete re-assessment of Roman siegecraft for his PhD. He has written number of books. Duncan lives in Scotland.

Ancient World/Osprey Publishing - NeoPopRealism JournalThe Rome and Her Enemies - edited by Jane Penrose - first published by Osprey Publishing in Great Britain in 2005.
This edition published by Osprey Publishing in 2008. A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library.
Tom Holland writes: "Rome was the supreme carnivore of the ancient world. Predatory & intimidating, the Romans civilisation was both eerily like our own, and utterly, astoundingly strange. It is this tension, between what is familiar and what is not, that best explains the fascination of that Rome still holds for us to this very day..."
This title is about the story of an Empire which was created and destroyed by war.
"Great empires are not maintained by timidity." Tacitus, c.AD56-120.
The Roman Empire was the greatest in the wold history. It was spanning over a thousand years, & an immense geographical territories... Its legacy continues to influence politics, culture even now.
This book divided into 4 chronological sections & focusing on major wars & battles. TheRome and Her Enemies is greatly illustrated by colour photographs, maps, artwork. Text provides a wonderful introduction to the rise & fall of the great empire...
Jane Penrose is an Oxford history graduate. She has published historical books for 10 years. She lives in UK.
Tom Holland is an acclaimed author of fiction & non-fiction books. He has written widely on the classical world. He is praised by A.N. Wilson as a 'brilliant & completely absorbing study.'

The Syracuse 415-413 BC
by Nic Fields (illustrated by Peter Dennis) first published in Great Britain in 2008.
"Shortly after the midsummer of 415 BC, Athens launched... a strike on Syracuse, the principal Creek state of the rich grain-producing island of Sicily & potential ally of Sparta. The claim bt Alcibiades, the brilliant but reckless Athenian general, was that the Syracusans were providing valuable foodstuffs to the Spartans..." Nic Fields writes in the book's introduction.
This fully illustrated title talks about the destruction of the Athenian Imperial Fleet, about opposing commanders, armies & its plans... Accounts of history's greatest wars, detailing the command strategies & tactics of the opposing sides throughout the stages of each campaign. This book is about a disastrous campaign from which very few Athenians returned...
Nic Fields started his career as a biochemist. Then he joined the Royal Marines. Then he went back to University & completed a BA & PhD in Ancient History. He was Assistant Director at the British School at Athens, Greece, lecturer in Ancient history at the University of Edinburg. He lives in France.
Peter Dennis was inspired by contemporary magazines such as "Look and Learn." He studied illustration at Liverpool Art College. He is a keen wargamer & modelmaker. He lives in UK.


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