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The Digital Photographer's Guide to Natural-Light Family PortraitsThe Digital Photographer’s Guide to Natural Light Family Portraits by Jennifer George published by Amherst Media in 2011. This illustrated account will show you how natural light can help design more flattering and appealing family portraits. Family portraiture is genre in which photographers can benefit greatly from using natural light. But it is also the genre in which using natural light presents the most complex obstacles to success. This book teaches how to use natural light and fun locations to create a better experience for your subjects; making smart choices about the shooting location and the time of day for the session; adjusting the subjects in relation to the light; determining the style of portrait; creating stunning portraits outdoors or in the family’s home, and much more. Jennifer George is the Certified Professional Photographer; she has exhibited her work at prestigious shows.

Flash Techniques for Macro and Close-Up Photography: A Guide for Digital PhotographersFlash Techniques For Macro and Close-Up Photography: A Guide For Digital Photographers by Rod and Robin Deutschmann published by Amherst Media in 2011. This fully-illustrated book will help you master the skills you need to design breathtaking macro and close-up images. It features mastering key techniques for focusing and controlling narrow depth of field; using macro lenses, teleconverters, lens reversal, extension tubes, face-to-face lenses, and close-up filters to get close to your subjects; adding one or more electronic flash units to your setup; mixing flash and ambient lighting for flawless results; using gels and flash modifiers for greater control and more creative lighting effects; and much more. This book is written by the award-winning fine art photographers and veteran newspaper editors.
Studio Lighting Anywhere: The Digital Photographer's Guide to Lighting on Location and in Small SpacesStudio Lighting Anywhere: the Digital Photographer’s Guide to Lighting On Location and in Small Spaces by Joe Farace published by Amherst media in 2011. This book will help you take control of your lighting and learn to produce outstanding images even in small spaces. It features options for studio photography with speed lights; what to look for when selecting strobe or continuous studio lighting units; creating traditional portrait lighting patterns on location or in an small studio; metering techniques for flawless exposures; using green-screen technology for limitless background variations; postproduction strategies to make every portrait look its very best, and much more. Joe Farace is an author and photographer.

Mother and Child Portrait, Amherst MediaMother and Child Portraits: Techniques for Professional Digital Photographers by Norman Phillips published by Amherst Media in 2010. With this book, you will learn to design heartwarming images that capture the bonds between mother and child. Norman Phillips will teach you how to create the right environments for the shoot, select props, backgrounds, and lighting. You will find here tips and ideas for working with children of all ages, learn to create portraits with multiple children. You will find here techniques to make everyone look their best. This book includes images from Joanne Alice, Michael Ayers, Michael Barton, Veena Cornish, Jody Coss, and others.

Off Camera Flash, Amherst MediaOff-Camera Flash: Creative Techniques For Digital Photographers by Rod and Robin Deutschmann published by Amherst Media in 2010. With this fully-illustrated book you will learn how to expand your control and creativity with the magic of off-camera flash. This book contains off-camera flash techniques from acclaimed photography instructors Rod and Robin Deutschmann. They will help you select the right equipment and overcome the common problems, they demonstrate the practical techniques you can implement immediately to produce expressive and dynamic images. You will learn about simple one-flash setups and more complex multiple-flash setups, adjusting the flash’s power for more refined effects, to use off-camera flash to create dramatic close-up images, advanced techniques for collage-building and finger-painting with flash, and much more.

underwater photography
Digital Imaging for the Underwater Photographer (2nd Edition) by Jack and Sue Drafahl first published by Amherst Media in 2005. This unique title will teach you to eliminate the problems that commonly arise with underwater photography - back-scatter, color shifts, exposure issues, focus errors, poor composition... The number of concepts explored in this title apply to film and digital underwater images. You'll find there tips and techniques, directions and explanations. This fully illustrated book is a fascinating guide into the world of underwater photography, and includes techniques for Adobe Photoshop and much more...

group portraitGroup Portrait: Photography Handbook (2nd Edition) by Bill Hurter first published by Amherst Media in 2005. This title teach to tackle all of the challenges inherent in photographing groups. It is a comprehensive discussion on every aspect of portraiture - from posing and composition, to lighting and technical aspects of focusing. Bill Hurter draws upon the expertise of the top's pros - M. J. Ayers, J. B. Richardson, Becker, V. Bekker, Marcus Bell, Don Blair, Amy Cantrell, Ron Capobianco, Anthony Cava, Tony Corbell, S. Dantzig, W. L. Duncan, G. Fagan, D. Lynn Ferro, Rick Ferro, F. A. Frost, J. G. Walker, A. Gordon, D. P. Hansen, J. and K. Hawkins, E. Homan, T. Imely, C. Jodoin, G. Karayiannis, K. Kubota, C. Landau, R. Lino, R. Love, C. and J. Maring, H. Mauracher, L. McIntosh, W. S. McIntosh, C. Muir, M. M. Nashan, D. Orchard, P. Pfister, N. Pillips, R. Prevost, S. Pugh, F. Reisner, P. Rice, M. Schembri, J. and L. Simone, K. Sklute, D. A. Williams, J. and J. Woods, D. Worthington, M Zucker. Illustrated with images from over forty professional portrait photographers, this informative title explores different techniques for top-quality results.

beginners guide
Beginner's Guide to Photographic Lighting: Techniques for Success in the Studio or on Location by Don Marr first published by Amherst Media in 2004. In this title Don Marr will show how easy and fun lighting can be. You will learn slowly, then gradually will move on to advanced techniques. Don will give you his knowledge about rules of lighting, but " you get better, you can break them and create some unique work..." he said in this book introduction. This educational book assumes a basic understanding of photography: aperture, dept of field, shutter speed, lenses, film/digital capture... This Beginner's Guide to Photographic Lighting will bring you to a higher level in digital photography and film.

photographyCreating a low key portrait presents some unique challenges. Lightning Techniques for Low Key Portrait Photography by Norman Phillips shows how to create an effective setup, select an appropriate background, light the image, meter...
In his youth, Norman Phillip was recognized as an accomplished pencil artist. He also tried to use oils. He was a dismal failure with a paint-brush, he struck it rich when he discovered the camera. This book explores how to use two-dimensional tools to create the impression of three dimensions. In this remarkable title readers will learn about many different techniques and styles for creating exciting images, dramatic portraits, traditional and classical portraits... This educational title contains 100 color images. Lightning Techniques for Low Key Portrait Photography first published by Amherst Media in 2004.

Camera Mentenance & RepairCamera Maintenance & Repair: a comprehensive, fully illustrated guide by Thomas Tomosy (edited by Michael McBroom) first published by Amherst Media in 1999. This book shows the basics, teaches techniques that develop your camera repair skills. This fascinating title contains the following detailed information you need to know:
-Clear step-by-step instructions for repair of popular, modern cameras;
-Over 140 photos, illustrations and charts show camera parts and the specifics of disassembly and repair;
-Special instructions for over 17 camera models (from Agfa to Zeiss) which show you how to get inside and get working.
Also Camera Maintenance & Repair includes basics on how anyone can get started, camera repair shortcuts, cleaning techniques, general disassembly and repair methods, how to build your own test instruments, and much more...



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