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A.C.T. Artists Communicating Tact Kultur und Sozialverein-Wien.
A.C.T. is an artists guild, non-Government, non-profit Organization.
A.C.T. was the former Afrisian International Fine Art Society established by AAI-JMA Gallery in April 2001. The name of the organization was currently changed to A.C.T. Artists Communicating Tact as members come from other nations as well.
A.C.T. is one of the very few international Art Organization in Austria. It provides members artists an annual art exhibition in Vienna, international exposures, possibilities to participate to different international art exhibitions, events and Art fairs, communications with other international artists, career promotions and more. A.C.T. makes available a variety of art projects in Austria and other countries. Services are subject to our terms and conditions. The interest of A.C.T. lies primarily in promoting the works of living contemporary artists. Through this art organization ACT offer exhibition in a renowned international art gallery in Vienna, Austria. AMCA currently convert ACT CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART to AMCA - ACT Museum of Contemporary Art. AMCA goal is to offer better image to represent the artists from different ethnics. A.C.T active members are voluntarily working to achieve the goals of its missions. Since beginning of the year 2007 A.C.T. have been involved in social works to help prevent the increasing problems of street children in the Philippines. Jackie Mauersberger Arce is the founder and major supporter of ACT. The gallery represents the artists to different international art fairs and art exhibitions in different countries and is an acting manager and promoter of all active members. Referemces:
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